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Who will unload the goods?

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When your driver arrives, they will in most cases be able to offload the goods on their own (however, a helping hand is always appreciated). The goods will be deposited on your property but will not be taken into your home, as the driver is not insured to do so. This is non-negotiable. Once the items have been delivered, you will have 15 minutes with the driver to check through your products to make sure there is no visible transit damage. Although it’s rare, if there has been damage the items must be returned to Quickslide for rectification. The reason we ask this is if we need to replace any products it is much quicker to send the original back with the driver to get the whole replacement process moving. If you aren’t quite sure, please call our transport team during the delivery. The delivery note must be signed, name printed and dated as proof that all items have been delivered in good order. Any outstanding balance must be paid prior to the driver leaving.

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