How to clean PVCu Sliding Sash Windows.

All our PVCu sliding sash windows from Quickslide come with an easy clean tilt facility as standard*. When cleaning your windows at home you are likely to be facing a burdensome task, especially when you need to clean the windows on the upper floors. Therefore, many people usually have their windows cleaned by a professional window cleaner costing around twenty pounds each time. With our sliding sash windows, you could save this money as you would be able to clean every window from inside your home yourself. Each sash has both a tilt and slide facility allowing you to reach all sections of the window.

Safety Precautions

You need to ensure that when cleaning windows, you put your safety first. Not just because windows tend to be placed at height but also because they are heavy structures; particularly sash windows. Make sure you don’t try to clean windows, which are too high to reach without having your feet on the ground; many people will be tempted to stand on a stool or chair to reach their windows, but this should be avoided.

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Position the Window

Slide the bottom sash up and tilt it by pulling the knobs into the sash. Place the bottom sash in in its tilted position by carefully pulling the sash towards you. Then slide the top sash down and tilt it by pulling the knobs into the sash. You should now be able to pull the top sash towards you into its tilted position.


2. Use Cloth and Soapy Water

Using a cloth and soapy water, wipe down the frame and glass from top to bottom. You may want to consider changing the soapy water in between cleaning the frame and glass to get the best result. For the internal glass pane, a glass cleaner should do the job perfectly as the internal face doesn’t tend to be as dirty as the external face. Finish off, by wiping down the window with clear clean water to remove any leftover soap.

3. Close the Window

Close the window by pushing the top sash into its upright position and slide it to the top. Then, push the bottom sash into its upright position and slide it down and lock both sashes into an interlocked position. Before proceeding with the next window, check that both the external and internal sides are clean and clear of any marks.

4. Inspect the Window

Whilst cleaning your windows, it’s a good idea to be aware and observant of the overall quality of the window. Wear and tear is inevitable, but if you spot any signs of damage it is best to act quickly to avoid further damage.

Alternative Products

Nowadays, so many PVCu windows and especially sash windows come with a timber look woodgrain foil and it’s therefore important to only use a gentle non-flammable foil safe cleaner. You can buy a solvent cleaner dedicated for woodgrain foiled windows and doors that cleans the products without damaging them. Most window suppliers such as Quickslide will have a range of cleaning products available to buy so if in doubt it’s always better to ask. The same process advice applies for when cleaning PVCu and aluminium doors.

Things to avoid

When cleaning your sash or casement windows, you should not use any harsh products such as bleach or nail varnish to get any marks off as it could scratch or warp the frames. Quickslide recommends using a clean cloth together with a non-coarse neutral solution such as washing up liquid mixed with hot water. This will get the marks off and prevent your windows from any damage.

For any more information on how to clean sash windows talk to our Customer Service team on 03332 412 240.

*Please note that slide and tilt restrictions apply on certain sliding sash windows.