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How do I operate the trickle vent?

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The trickle vent is a very simple but useful feature that allows for a constant flow of air to enter your room. The vent comes with a flap that can be opened and closed as you please.


What Are Trickle Vents?
A trickle vent is a tiny opening within a window or other building component, such as a door, which allows small amounts of ventilation to come through even when the window or door is closed. Recently, trickle vent requirements have increased, meaning that they must be included in new window installations and designs. 

What Do Trickle Vents Do?

Trickle vents allow small amounts of air to pass through a window or door even while it is shut. This is important because it allows consistent airflow and ventilation even when every opening to a room is sealed. 

Not only can this help to reduce pollution and increase the safety of a room, but it can also help to reduce condensation build-up. Click here to learn when are trickle vents required?

How To Fit Trickle Vents

For many windows, adding a trickle vent can be as easy as drilling a ventilation hole within the frame. However, at Quickslide, many of our windows, including our uPVC sash windows, come with trickle vents to make the process much more convenient. 

Learn more about trickle vents and regulations on our website via this blog here.


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