Legacy PVCu Sliding Sash Windows

Our new Legacy PVCu sliding sash windows hold a host of impressive features that not only add to its good looks but also enhance the performance of the product as well as ease of fabrication and installation. From near-invisible joints in the frame, the grace of the run-through sash horn to the curvy ovolo frame shape, these are just a handful of the many clever details that work together to create the most graceful and advanced Sliding Sash Window on the market.


The new Legacy sash window is made using only the best materials from our partnering PVCu extruder, Spectus. Advanced materials matched with our expert fabrication has enabled us to achieve an evolutionary window design that certainly doesn’t disappoint on aesthetics, performance nor security.

Our PVCu profiles come in a large range of colours meaning you can perfectly match your sliding sash windows with our aluminium bi-fold, French and sliding patio doors.


We’re often faced with projects that require special features to fit in with the unique character of heritage areas. In the past, many conservation planners used to refuse applications to replace timber sashes with a PVCu alternative. However, the Legacy Sash Window has been designed to recreate tradition, which has led to an increasing number of approvals granted.

  • Colours
  • Features
  • Hardware
  • Glass
  • Integral Blinds
  • Security
  • Shapes & Styles

Smooth White

white grain

White Grain

Cream Woodgrain

Cream Grain

Golden Oak S30.30.11.0031

Golden Oak

Irish Oak S30.30.11.0109

Irish Oak

Chartwell Green S30.30.10.0224


Nut Tree S30.30.11.0033

Nut tree

Agate Grey S30.30.70.0038

Agate Grey

Natural Oak S30.30.11.0044

English Oak

Rosewood S30.30.11.0059


Anthracite Grey S30.30.10.0054

Grey Grain

Black Ash S30.30.10.0078

Black Grain


Bespoke RAL

Bottom Sash Knob – Classic – White

Standard Sash Knob

Bottom Sash Knob – Heritage – Black

Heritage Sash Knob

Classic – Cam Lock – Hardex Chrome – Front

Standard Lock

Heritage – Cam Lock – Hardex Bronze – Front

Heritage Lock

Sash Pull – Hardex Satin – Side

Sash Pull / Lift Hook

Ring Pull – Inline – Hardex Gold – Side

Pole Eye

Bow Handle – Front – Antique Black

D Handle



Our PVCu sliding sash windows help to ensure that your property retains its character and charm. You can choose from a wide range of hardware to complement your chosen windows design.

Our hardware is available in eight different finishes. Please note that our travel restrictors are only available in white, chrome, gold and satin chrome.

Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - White


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Black


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Satin

Satin Chrome

Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Chrome


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Bronze


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Gold


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Hardex Graphite


Bottom Sash Knob - Classic - Antique Black

Antique Black

Glass Options

standard glass window

The standard glass unit used in our PVCu sliding sash window is 24mm in depth and is comprised of 4mm clear glass to the outside, a warm edge spacer bar and 4mm clear Low E glass on the inside. With this unit our sash windows achieve an energy rating of ‘B’.

The inclusion of argon gas into the cavity of a double-glazed unit reduces the heat conductance between the panes. This happens because the gas is 6 times denser that air. With this glass unit, our sash windows achieve an energy rating of ‘A’.

Pilkington Optiphon is an acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. Two 3mm pieces of glass are put together with a noise reducing interlayer typically 0.8mm thick. This glass offers the dual benefit of noise reduction and security.

Warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of a sealed glass unit and separate the panes of glass. Traditionally, spacer bars were made of aluminium, however the warm edge spacer bar used in our glass units is an extruded PVC material specifically designed to reduce transference of heat between the panes of glass keeping more heat inside the property. The spacer bar is available in 3 different colours; grey, black and white. 

Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Obscure Glass

Pilkington’s obscure glass range provides obscuration and decoration. All patterns are classified according to their level of obscurity in relation to each other, with 1 being least obscure and 5 being most obscure.

Our Venetian integral blinds come in a variety of 10 different colours to complement your chosen frame finish. Integral blinds are available on our complete product range excluding bespoke shapes. An extended lead time applies on blinds in 24mm glass units used for our PVCu sliding sash windows and aluminium flush casement windows. Please note that the operational device will always be positioned on the right-hand side (viewed internally).

Option 1: Cordless Slider

Option 2: Cord Mechanism

PAS 24 & Secured by Design Security Upgrade

Our PVCu sliding sash windows are available with a comprehensive  security upgrade. This enhancement includes reinforced tilt latches, upgraded locking keep, two upgraded locks, and top sash security blocks. PAS 24 is generally mandatory on new-build projects.

Reinforced Tilt Latches SBD

Reinforced Tilt Latch


Upgraded Locking Keep x2


Upgraded Lock x2


Top Sash Security Blocks


No Bars


Centre Bar


3 Light


Offset 3 Light






Half Georgian


Full Georgian


Georgian Variant


1/3 x 2/3


2/5 x 3/5


Swept Head


True Arch


Weather Performance

With fuel prices constantly on the rise, thermal performance is crucial. The window frames are built to last and to resist the ever-changing conditions the British weather throws at them without losing their immaculate appearance. An innovative dedicated weather bar adds another level of defence against rainwater; a feature unique to this type of window.

Energy Rating

The frames and sashes are multi-chambered, using the power of air as an insulator to stop warmth escaping. Our sash windows come with 24mm double glazed units as standard achieving an energy rating of ‘B’ as standard and a u-value of 1.6/Wm2K. With an argon gas filled unit the window can achieve an energy rating of ‘A’ and a u-value as low as 1.4W/m2K.


With all Quickslide PVCu sliding sash windows, there is a 10-year manufacturing guarantee as standard. We strive to ensure that our quality is assured but having a 10-year guarantee offers peace of mind for years to come. Download our guarantee PDF or speak to one of our team to find out more.


Our sash windows deliver the most advanced levels of security without adding complex operation. They are practical and come with all the safety features you need. You have the option to take advantage of a comprehensive high security upgrade package. The upgrade meets all the requirements for PAS 24.

Technical Information

Key Measurements

Outer Frame Depth: 128mm
Sill options: 150mm or 210mm
Standard upstand sill height: 60mm


Minimum width: 360mm (475mm for seamless welds)
Maximum width: 1500mm
Minimum height: 750mm
Maximum height: 2350mm