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At Quickslide, we manufacture and supply the Legacy uPVC sash window for tradespeople at our Brighouse facility in West Yorkshire.

Quickslide offers a range of uPVC and aluminium windows, combining durability and style for your home.

Historical Styles of Sliding Sash Windows

We pride ourselves on our authentic historic window sash replacements. The sash window history within the UK runs incredibly deep, going all the way back to the 17th century. The heritage sash window look has had many evolutions during that time, and we can provide each of the traditional sash window designs, like Victorian sash window styles, and Georgian sash windows. Historic sash windows are typically made from timber, but the Legacy Quickslide design is made from high quality modern uPVC. Don’t let that sway you however, our antique sash window styles are second to none thanks to our variety of optional authenticity features.

Become a trade partner, and choose Quickslide as your number one supplier of authentic modern sliding sash windows.

Quickslide's uPVC sliding sash windows offer customizable sizes and colors, including realistic woodgrain finishes. With unique astragal bars and glazing options, we cater to various period property styles, ensuring client satisfaction.

Custom Designs for Sliding Sash Windows

Our sliding windows can come in a range of sizes to suit large or small projects. Additionally, we have a bespoke colour bonding service, letting us manufacture our slider windows in almost any conceivable hue, including a massive catalogue of accurate looking woodgrains. Our unique looking astragal bars and glazing services let us make Victorian sash windows, Georgian, or Edwardian making us capable of providing all sorts of period properties with excellent modern replacements, without compromising that recognisable heritage look.

Each of our sash window hardware can come in a vast number of finishes and colours for that perfect finishing touch. We even have colour-matching woolpiles! Customise all parts of a sash window to make those challenging clients happy when you choose Quickslide as your number one supply.

Energy-efficient White Sliding Sash Windows: double glazing with argon gas, superior thermal performance, 'A' energy rating, trade prices

Energy Efficiency of Sliding Sash Windows

The double glazed sash windows that we supply are designed to provide excellent thermal efficiency. Energy efficient sash windows are key in todays modern market, where energy bills continue to climb. We take our efficiency a step further by using a specialised argon gas in all our secondary glazing sash windows, which allow our double glazed sliding windows to reach U-values as low as 1.4 W/m²K and an energy rating of ‘A’.

Enhance property security with our Sash Window Security features, including upgradeable locks and restrictors. Explore durable blinds for privacy and condensation reduction. Visit our FAQ page or blog for more safety tips.

Sash Window Security

Our sash window security features are designed to help keep properties safe. Our sash window security locks can be upgraded with our PAS 24 package. Sash window security restrictors are also available to prevent over-opening the sashes, preventing damage. While we don’t have security screens for our windows, we can provide durable blinds that can help provide additional privacy and help to reduce condensation. For more sash window safety tips, check out our FAQ page, or read our blog for further information.

Product Options


We have a massive collection of colours available, so you can get more for your customers than the standard white or grey sash windows! Our wood effect windows can recreate the look of wood upvc windows while benefiting from the longevity of modern materials. With Quickslide, you can get uPVC windows that look like wood, or you can choose almost any conceivable hue or colour thanks to our vibrant colour bonding service. We can even provide dual colourways for a separate internal and external aesthetic, such as a white sash interior, and a chartwell green exterior.

Smooth White Profile
Smooth White
White Woodgrain Profile
White Grain
Cream Woodgrain Profile
Cream Grain
Agate Grey Profile
Agate Grey
Grey Woodgrain Profile
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash Profile
Black Ash
Chartwell Green Profile
Chartwell Green
Golden Oak Profile
Golden Oak
Irish Oak Profile
Irish Oak
Rosewood Profile


Performance Value
Best U-Value (Double Glazing) 1.4 W/m²K
Best Energy Rating A
Air Tightness (Pa) Class 4
Water Tightness (Pa) Class 6A
Wind Load (Pa) Class 3A
PAS 24 Security Upgrade Yes
Min Sizes W: 375mm | H: 800mm
Max Sizes W: 1500mm | H: 2400mm

Low Maintenance

Our sash windows are incredibly easy to maintain thanks to their robust materials. They can come with an easy tilt facility so that they can be cleaned on each side without hassle. The colours and woodgrains we use can last for years without fading or scratching, and they will never need to be repainted or varnished. To learn more about how to maintain our windows, read our FAQ further below.


Thick double glazing can do more than just help retain heat and reduce energy bills. It can also help to suppress sound as it passes through the glazing, leading to a quieter and more private interior. When closed, our sash windows can combine with our blinds or obscuring glass to be suitable for almost anywhere in a property.

Glazing Options

To go along with the rest of our customisation options, we also have a collection of glazing types. Every one of our secondary glazed sash windows can come with laminated or obscuring glass. All of these glazing varieties can reach low U-values to create a warm, comfortable home. Get a price today and find out more from our expert team.


Upvc, or PVCu sash windows as they are also known, are highly weatherproof thanks to their ability to resist absorbing moisture much more effectively than older materials. The tight weatherseals and woolpiles incorporated on all of our products helps ensure that cold draughts and leaks can be avoided.

Download Resources

Take a look through our downloadable brochures, data sheets and technical specs on the Quickslide website. We provide our registered installers with all the marketing collateral they need to market and install our Legacy uPVC sash windows effectively.

Trade Partner Benefits

Long-standing family-owned business: Proud of our roots, fostering innovation and strong industry relationships.

Long-standing Family Owned Business

We’re proud of our roots and our flexible hands-on approach remains to this day, which has allowed the business to become a platform for innovation, development, and great relations across industries.

Quickslide: Manufacturing Experts for 15 Years. Award-winning custom windows and doors crafted to exceed customer expectations.

Manufacturing Experts, Not Resellers

Quickslide have been manufacturing for about 15 years and we continue to develop our award-winning range of made-to-measure windows and doors to meet and surpass our customers' specifications.

Reliable Supply: 98.2% On-Time-In-Full Rate with 18 Fleet Vehicles.

Reliable Supply

With an outstanding On-Time-In-Full of 98.2% and a fleet of 18 vehicles, we’ve got a proven record that we’ll do what it takes to get your complete orders to you on time.

Designated Account Manager: Personalized support for all Trade Partners.

Designated Account Manager

All our Trade Partners are allocated a designated account manager whose purpose it is to help with technical product and general sales queries.

Dedicated Aftersales Support: Here to help Trade Partners with feedback, ideas, and issue resolution.

Dedicated Aftersales Support

Our dedicated after sales department help to drive continuous improvement by working alongside and listening to our Trade Partners. If you want to discuss any new ideas, general feedback or have an issue, they're there to help.

Marketing Support: Access business development resources and our creative portal for personalized marketing collateral and sample requests.

Marketing Support

Benefit from a whole wealth of business development support as well as access to our creative marketing support portal. Through the marketing portal, you can personalise a wide range of marketing collateral and request samples.

Become a Trade Partner

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Double Glazed Sash Windows Cost

uPVC sash windows cost differently depending on the number of additional features, colours, and sizes you require. Quikcslide can manufacture large sash windows or small to suit any project. Get a price now, or sign up to become a Quickslide trade partner to benefit from a range of marketing and supply services. Call us on 03332 412 240 or use our contact form to get more information. 



Are Sash Windows Secure?

Our sash windows security locks and durable materials make them highly secure. Homeowners can have peace of mind thanks to our sash window security bolts and PAS 24 accreddited upgrade package. Older timber sash window locks won’t be able to come close to the contemporary sash window safety features that come with the Quickslide Legacy uPVC system! Our window sashes are made from durable uPVC and don’t use the standard pully and countweight system. Instead the vertical sliding window system works via a specialised spring system making them much harder to break open.

How To Secure Sash Windows

Read our window security guide to find out how to make your sash windows more secure. 

Do You Have Classic Sash Window Styles?

Yes, we can supply all sorts of authentic looking period sash windows, including Victorian windows, Georgian, Edwardian, and even curved varieties. We have a massive selection of woodgrains and colours, and our collection of optional features lets you design the perfect window to suit your next project for your customers.

Georgian windows are recognised by their “six over six” design, while Victorian windows have clearer sightlines via a “four over four” design. Edwardian windows sit in the middle with a mix of the two astragal bar styles.

What Are Old-Style Sash Windows?

Historic sash window design is typically a timber or timber-looking window, with run-through horns, deep bottom rail, slim mid-rail, and astragal bars. With Quickslide, you can install windows that mimic all of these old-style features while incorporating all the modern benefits of uPVC and bespoke double glazing. Unlike old-styles, our modern sash windows don’t have cords, making them much more durable and long lasting. New sash windows have all sorts of marvelous features that can make them much more desirable compared to timber systems.

What Is A Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows, sliding sash windows, vertical sliders, or just sash windows are all names for a design where the window has two sashes that slide against each other to open and close. A timeless classic, these windows have been around much longer than casement windows or mock sash ones.

What Is A Window Sash?

The sash is the part of the window that moves, while the frame is the section that is fused and fixated to the wall. The sash sits inside the frame and can typically be moved back and forth, up and down, or left and right depending on the design.

Do You Do Sash Window Repairs?

While we don’t repair sash windows, we do supply with incredibly fast lead times, and we work with a range of trade partners that may be able to help. Get in touch with our professional team for more information if you’re in need of a sash window restoration or replacement. PVC sash windows can last much longer than timber, making them an excellent replacement for old damaged homes.

How Do Sash Windows Work?

A sash window consists of two sashes that slide up and down. Often these two sashes will be equal in size, although you do have the option of specifying a custom split. On advanced sash windows such as ours, both the top and bottom sash will come with a slide and tilt facility. For the sashes to slide up without immediately sliding back down, each sash is comprised with a mechanism used to counter-balance the sash eliminating the need for sash weights, sash cords and pulleys found on traditional sash windows. The balances are concealed in the two chambers found on each side of the sash window. Here at Quickslide we use a constant force balance system as well as a spring balance system.

how To Clean Sash Windows?

When cleaning your sash or casement windows, you should not use any harsh products such as bleach or nail varnish to get any marks off, as it could scratch or warp the frames. Quickslide recommends using a clean cloth together with a non-coarse neutral solution, such as washing up liquid mixed with hot water. This will get the marks off and prevent any damage to your windows. The sash double glazing incorporated on all of our vertical sliders can also help reduce condensation, leading to a crystal clear view that doesn’t create issues in the winter.

Why uPVC window sashes instead of timber sash windows?

Wooden sash windows may have the heritage appearance, but they won’t last as long as double glaze sash windows made from robust modern uPVC. Plus, they can require much more maintenance to prevent them from warping, splintering, or having their colours fade.

Sash windows timber can bend after continuously being opened and closed, or from intensive weather. A wooden sash window can be half the lifespan of the Legacy sash double glazing windows from Quickslide. If you have customers truly in need of timber sliding sash windows. then see our accurate woodgrain foils – they could be the perfect solution. All our foils are designed to match the appearance of wood sash windows, providing our windows with gorgeous classic aesthetics. Enhance properties today with modern plastic sash windows, and choose Quickslide to maintain that authentic heritage look.

Quickslide G22 award winner badge
Trustpilot logo Trustpilot score

I have used Quickslide a few times for their sliding sash windows. The service from the staff is quick and professional, they are always there to give advice and offer help with any query. The quality of the windows is excellent. They are a pleasure to install and have not had any problems with them since. They are easy to operate and keep the rooms warm and draught free in the winter months. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend Quickslide and their products, one of, if not the best company I have dealt with.

Phil Wooller

Been using Quickslide for a few years now. Really happy with their product and customer service. Staff are always friendly and willing to help. An all round really nice company to deal with.

Swift Windows

Our customers, particularly in the traditional buildings around York, mainly request the 'Legacy' Sliding Sash windows. These windows look fabulous; so authentic that many people are shocked to discover they are not made of wood. The windows are a great advert and more often than not, having installed Quickslide 'Legacy' windows in a property, the neighbours will approach us for quotes for their own houses.

Juliet Waters

Our experience from first encounter at the Quickslide Sales office in Brighouse to the completion of 14 fantastic new sash windows, was absolutely first class. The company was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and capable staff at all points along the way.

Kevin Galloway

We ordered over 30 mainly sliding sash windows in 2 batches for a project. The quality of the windows is excellent and great value for money. The lead times for both orders were accurate. The communication prior to each delivery and from their own drivers were faultless.

Ken McLelland

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