Arched Windows

Arched windows are renowned for their aesthetically pleasing appearance – offering a grand look and unique character. These windows were particularly appreciated by architects in the Roman and Art Noveau eras which is why you will typically find them in traditional homes.

Arched windows offer a certain element of luxury to houses, as when they first existed, they were difficult to install and only existed in religious buildings and homes of the rich and royalty.

Arched windows are often grand in size meaning they allow a lot of light to enter the home. They are perfect for opening up living spaces and allowing plenty of daylight to enter your home.

Please note that we are not able to accept templates until further notice. 

Types of Arched Windows


The Quickslide range of arched windows are made from uPVC. The uPVC profile used in arched windows are no different to that used in the fabrication of other window types. The material is low maintenance, strong and offer the best in thermal efficiency. Arched windows were originally made of timber, but as arched windows often come with a premium price tag, the uPVC alternative provides homeowners with an economical solution whilst still offering grandeur.

Arched Window Shapes

The shape of arched windows is the result of historical construction methods. The most typical arched window shape we see at Quickslide is a true arched sliding sash window in which the top sash has been beautifully curved. Other arched window shapes include gothic arches where the two sides have been moderately curved and meet at the head creating a pointy top. Options for an arched window that consist of a classic casement window or door in the lower section with a semi-circular window placed above it are also available.

How are Arched Windows made?

Arched Windows in a Modern Home

Measuring Arched Windows

If you have an opening for an arched window you should leave the measuring to an expert. It’s of outmost importance that the shape of the arch in the masonry and the arch of the window match exactly. If the arched opening is a true arch in a new build, we may not require a template as the curve will be even across both sides. However, for any bespoke or unique arches, we will require a template to ensure your new window will fit into the opening.

Manufacturing Arched Windows

In 2017, Quickslide invested in a state-of-the-art profile bending facility which has enabled us to create arched uPVC products in-house. The bending machine uses multiple 3D cameras to bend the profile creating consistent results with practically zero waste. Quickslide is still to this day one of the only fabricators with an in-house bending facility that can create true arched sliding sash windows with no welded joints in the outer frame.

Manufacturing Arched Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, arched windows go under the name arched windows, shaped windows, or bespoke windows. More specifically arched window styles are more commonly known as true arches, gothic arches, and half-moons just to name a few. If you have a requirement for a shaped window or door, please send your sketch to

The most popular arched window type is by far our range of PVCu sliding sash windows. PVCu casement windows and PVCu doors can be coupled with a semi-circular fixed window above the casement frame. To summarise, the products that can be shaped are sliding sash windows, casement windows and doors in PVCu.

Yes, any arched or shaped windows will be fixed. This means if you have requested an arched sliding sash window, the bottom sash will slide up and down (and tilt if requested) but the top sash will be fixed to the frame. This will be the case with any shaped window.

Arched windows can be found in more traditional homes. Traditionally, arched windows were only accessible to the upper class or they could be found in buildings of particular importance to society often associated with religion. Arched windows can often be found in homes from the Victorian era and we are seeing more and more new build homes including shaped windows as part of the build to create unique design elements.

Yes, at Quickslide we have our own profile bending facility in-house, which has enabled us to offer a superior finish as well as faster turnaround on curved and arched frames.

An arched sash window can cost as little as £850 supply only. The final cost of any arched window will depend on the window specification including size and frame finish.