Edwardian Style Windows

Edwardian homes featured a lot of elements that created a delicate balance between luxury and lighting up the internal spaces. The windows of the Edwardian era played a big role in creating a well-lit home. With the rise of the middle-class, Britain saw an increase in demand for spacious and airy homes, and to show off wealth these homes featured floor to ceiling type windows or coupled windows. By borrowing elements from the Georgian bar windows, these tall Edwardian sash windows became a widely available feature. These windows became known as Neo-Georgian multi-paned sash windows.

Types of Edwardian Windows


Edwardian windows were originally made from wood by a traditional window joiner. At Quickslide we are skilled in making our PVCu windows look like those produced in another century and by artisans using hand tools. Our range of woodgrain foils have been produced to mimic the original timber frames crafted in characteristically imperfect wood.

Edwardian Window Styles

Edwardian windows carry elements from both the Georgian and Victorian eras. These windows often feature what is known as ‘six panes over two panes’. Such bar layout is available on our complete window ranges including our heritage sash windows and casement windows in both aluminium and PVCu.

Edwardian Window Characteristics

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Traditional Design

With bigger windows becoming the norm as the desire for brighter living spaces reached an all-time high, the problems caused by the heavy glass were overcome by including sash horns. Today, neither the bars nor the sash horns are a requirement but are made available to achieve that authentic Edwardian window style.

Edwardian Window Bars

By the time Britain reached the Edwardian era, the most popular window design was one with a ‘six panes over two panes’ bar layout. Depending on your choice of finish the Edwardian window bars will match. If the ‘six panes over two panes’ bar layout isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can use it for inspiration and create your own bespoke bar layout instead.


Frequently Asked Questions

Edwardian windows will generally be made up of a sliding sash window featuring a single vertical bar on the bottom sash and a grid of 6 individual looking glass panes on the top sash.

We welcome you to send us a photo of your Edwardian windows and we will be happy to advice what we can do to match your windows. Traditional Edwardian windows will feature a bar layout, which we offer as part of our heritage package. Some Edwardian windows also feature stained glass, which unfortunately we are not able to offer at this moment in time.