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How do I deglaze a uPVC Sliding Sash Window?

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Start by loosening the sash pulls as they may have been fitted on the bead slightly. You don’t have to remove them but it’s important that you don’t attempt to remove the bottom bead if the sash pulls are in position that by doing so you could damage the bead and/or sash pulls. Remove the side beads followed by the bottom bead using a Don Carlos knife. Slide the sash into it’s locked position to avoid damaging the springs. When the glass has been removed the sash will automatically weigh less and it may therefore slide up if not locked which could potentially damage the springs. Remove the top bead and you should be able to remove the glass unit. Please be careful not to drop the unit. In some cases you may even need to give the sash a little tap to break the seal in order to remove the glass unit.

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