Quickslide Trade Partnership

The Partnership

We pride ourselves, not just on our exceptional range of quality products, but on our commitment to exceptional customer service and support for our trade partners. For Quickslide, our trade partners are like family, we appreciate that we need you, as much as you need us. We want you to think of the Quickslide manufacturing facility, and 150+ staff as an extension to your own business. We have a well-known and highly respected brand and therefore it’s important to us that we have only the very best representatives offering our product range. If you’re an installer, window showroom, reseller, builder, developer, architect or other relevant trade professional, with an established business, and you believe you would benefit from offering Quickslide products, and equally important, that you could be an exceptional ambassador for the Quickslide range then we invite you to apply to join us as a trade partner.

What you can expect from us

As a Quickslide trade partner, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of benefits, such as:

  • Generous Trade Discounts
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Marketing Support, including, images, brochures & design services
  • Showroom Development, such as product display stands, POS displays and accessory samples
  • Sample Products and showroom products
  • Opportunity to be on the Quickslide stockist list, meaning you’ll receive local leads

In addition to receiving access to the above, our executive team will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your business development in more detail. Our team have a wealth of experience when it comes to continuous improvement of businesses in our industry. We want you to get the most out of your business, maximising your sales and your profit margins are important to us, as well as you. We’re keen to invest in your success.

What we expect from you

We don’t accept new trade partners lightly, we’re keen to ensure that any potential buyers of our products are looked after correctly. It’s also important to us to ensure that any new clients applying to join us as a trade partner, are a genuine, relevant trade professional, otherwise it would be unfair of us to offer the same level of loyalty benefits as those enjoyed by our existing trade partners.

We kindly request that if you’re reselling and/or installing our products, you do so in accordance with our guidelines, you should represent the Quickslide brand to the high standards and work with us in partnership with loyalty and respect. We’re committed to the success of our trade partners, so if there’s anything that you believe we should be doing differently, we welcome your constructive feedback.