Do all sash windows come with a slide and tilt facility?

Do all sash windows come with a slide and tilt facility?

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A tilt facility can be requested as part of the window specification. On sash windows with a woodgrain finish externally and smooth white finish internally we are not able to offer tilt facility on the top sash. There are two reasons for this: 1. The bottom channel of the top sash has fringe seal in it so the white base profile is hidden and as you cannot have 2 materials in the same channel the tilt arms cannot also run in this channel. This means that the sashes simply cannot tilt as they don’t have tilt arms. 2. There is foil applied to the bottom of the outer frame and if the window tilted the foil would be ripped off. On curved/arched windows, the top sash will be fixed and the bottom sash will feature both the slide and tilt facility. Please note that slide and tilt restrictions apply on extra large sash windows. Any restrictions will be confirmed at the point of order.

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