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A World of Colour at Quickslide!

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Remember when nearly every uPVC window you installed was either white or occasionally Mahogany foil? You don’t need telling that things are changing rapidly and in fact now, around a third of all homeowners are choosing coloured or woodgrain-finish uPVC windows, with a few distinct trends emerging.

The heritage look is back in a big way, not just in classical but also in brand new properties, and cottage-style shades are just as popular in the suburbs as in the sticks. Make the most of the trend by offering shades like French Grey and Chartwell Green (also in demand with conservatories and orangeries at the moment) or even the darker classical shades like Rich Green.

All varieties of off-white, such as creams and buttermilk / ice cream colours are very much in demand, especially matched with retro-style flush sash frames. Or for the opposite, contemporary look, Anthracite Grey in either smooth or grain finish is becoming a popular choice.

Choice of woodgrains is changing too. The ever-popular Mahogany and Rosewood are now being joined by lighter, gentler shades. Irish Oak is the number one choice at the moment but there are many more to choose from among over 200 colours and woodgrains in the Quickslide range.

Also, don’t forget, one of the most popular woodgrains is white! Homeowners choosing pure white windows are adding a twist with a woodgrain texture.

All the heritage colours look very much at home on the new flush frames, and as the style is proving to be the ‘next big thing’, the combination means you can make the most of both high-value trends.

Whatever your customers choose, Quickslide has the products, the range and the expertise to help you to give them what they want.

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