Product Care

During Manufacturing

Ensuring and consistently improving the quality of our products is paramount. We pride ourselves on retaining control of as many elements of the production process as possible. When manufacturing premium, bespoke products, there are additional processes involved, such as laminating profile to obtain the woodgrain effect, painting profile in a customer’s choice of RAL colour and bending profile to produce arched top windows. All these processes are completed by Quickslide, at our own manufacturing facility here in Brighouse. Throughout the manufacturing process, our team of skilled fabricators carry out ‘live quality inspections’, this essentially means that the quality of the products isn’t just checked at the final quality control, it’s checked by production operatives at every stage. Quickslide undergo regular audits to ensure compliance with British Standards and CE marking, and we’re proud to say that we’ve scored 100% in the last 3 annual audits.


During Delivery

Providing a nationwide delivery service, using only our own drivers and vehicles, enables Quickslide to significantly reduce the risk of the product quality being compromised during delivery. So many manufacturers choose to utilise logistics companies to reduce costs, workload and responsibility. We’re proud to say that almost all our products are delivered directly by us, from our factory to you. The products are protected with suitable packaging, and some of the materials that are more susceptible to damage, such as aluminium, are fully packaged with cardboard and/or bubble wrap. Our drivers are long standing, dedicated and loyal team members, with a thorough and extensive understanding of how to handle our products correctly. Something is simple as not carrying a sash window on its side, would no doubt be overlooked by a haulage company, our drivers know what they’re doing, and that’s why our cost of quality as a result of damage on delivery is less than 0.01%.

During Installation

When your new windows and doors arrive at your property/site, it’s important to ensure they are correctly handled and stored prior to installation. The internal accessories and components are not designed to be exposed to the external elements, therefore, leaving windows outdoors for long periods of time is likely to result in a more rapid deterioration. We suggest keeping the products in a dry environment, away from any other building works that may create dirt and dust, this can also negatively impact the moving parts and damage the glass. Choosing Quickslide, or another accredited installer is also important to help ensure the performance of your new windows and doors is as it should be after installation. If the products are not correctly handled at the point of install, this is likely to affect the way in which they operate. Quickslide can offer guidance on how to handle the products during install, as well as comprehensive installation guides and product care guides. If you’re unsure, please just talk to us, we’re always happy to help.


After Installation

We’re pleased to say that when choosing PVCu, aluminium or composite, the product care requirements, post installation are minimal, certainly, far less than a traditional timber window. The key thing is to ensure the windows are cleaned, a wipe down with soapy water is best. A vacuum or dust in areas prone to retention is also recommended, the key thing is to keep the components free of any obstruction to maximise their performance and lifespan. Some of our products, such as sliding sash windows and casement windows can be manufactured with easy clean facilities, this usually means you can fully clean your windows, internally and externally all from inside your home, there’s no need to get the ladders out or rely on a window cleaner. Our blog post may give you further advice on how to care for your new windows and doors.

Quickslide are committed to continuous improvement during all stages from ordering to installation and we are confident that you’ll be thrilled with your new windows and doors. As with any product, from time to time things may go wrong, that’s why for peace of mind, we offer a manufacturing guarantee with all our products. The guarantee can be viewed here. If you’re having an issue with your purchase, please go to our customer care page and our team will do their very best to help you.