Coupled Windows

Coupling windows together side by side to create a wider span of natural light to enter your home is a building method that was first seen during the Edwardian era. Large window openings have been around for centuries; bay windows with a picture window in the centre and two slimmer frames on either side are one of the most time-honoured window styles available.

Window frames can be coupled or joined to create a solution that’s bespoke to your home and personal taste and here at Quickslide we have options available that include side-by-side windows, flag windows, bay windows and bow windows.

Explore a Coupled Window Style


Flag Windows

Flag windows come to life by coupling three window units together. This provides a modern, clean, and personal design. Flag windows create a dramatic window opening. With Quickslide’s range of triple sash windows you can create a unique one-of-a-kind look for your home.

Georgian Bay Window in Agate Grey

Bay Windows

Bay windows originate from the Victorian era and remain one of the most traditional window solutions available. A bay window protrudes outwards and the multiple frames will let additional natural light into your home. From outside, they look like a small decorative expansion projecting from the house.

Grey Bow Window

Bow Windows

A bow window features a gentle arch of around 4-6 windows. These windows are generally equal in size and will create a prominent and decorative element. Bow windows will add a feel of more internal space and light and create stunning wow factor from the exterior. Add kerb appeal with Quickslide’s range of bow windows.

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