Georgian Style Windows

Georgian style windows are typified by their distinctive grid bar-layout. This quaint feature exists because technology at the time was not capable of creating large glass panes demanded by the grandeur architecture and smaller individual panes were a lot more affordable compared to large glass units. Instead numerous smaller glass panes were manufactured and held in place with bars like the ones we know today.

Nowadays of course, all of our Georgian style windows come with double glazing as standard and are made from high quality, durable materials. Georgian windows give a quaint and unique style that has lasted for centuries and with Quickslide you can design your own heritage Georgian windows today.

Types of Georgian Windows


Originally Georgian windows were made from timber, which can be hard to maintain – whereas our high-quality Georgian style windows are available in PVCu or Aluminium which is long-lasting, easy to maintain and look chic and stylish. PVCu windows are available with a wood effect foil making them look and feel like traditional timber windows from the Georgian era.

Georgian Window Styles

Sliding sash windows have been a very popular choice right from the Georgian period through to the early 20th century. As demand for heritage has returned, sliding sash windows in modern PVCu have become immensely popular. The main feature of Georgian windows is the Georgian bar layout, which is available across all our window ranges including the popular flush sash windows.

Georgian Window Characteristics

Georgian sash windows and dining room

Authentic Design

Due to their vast history and heritage, Georgian windows ooze sophistication and elegance which is why they remain so popular to this day. They have a grand aesthetic which works great with traditional homes, or provides a contrasting look for modern homes. 

Georgian Astragal Bars

Our PVCu and aluminium windows achieve their Georgian appearance with the inclusion of Georgian bars. The bars we use today are solely for decorative purposes and are applied to the surface of the glass. Inside the double-glazed unit, you will find something called a spacer bar which gives the illusion of multiple panes of glass as per original Georgian windows. Start designing your new Georgian windows with our team today. Get in touch using our online contact form, or give us a ring on 03332 412 240.

Georgian astragal bar windows in white

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Georgian windows will be more expensive than your classic standard windows because they require an astragal bar grid to achieve the Georgian look.

Authentic Georgian windows have surface bars running horizontally and vertically across the window frame and glass to create the illusion of multiple panes of glass. Every aspect of our Legacy sliding sash windows has been designed to emulate the authentic look of Georgian windows. Our range of casement windows come with features available to recreate a timber-looking casement window with a traditional Georgian bar design. The options are endless and no matter your requirements there is a Georgian window style to suit.

Georgian windows, especially Georgian sliding sash windows were often finished in the Queen Anne style of white. The woodgrain white foil available from Quickslide mimics the stunning white painted timber windows installed in buildings during that time. Different shades of white and other traditional colours are available upon request.

Yes, we have invested heavily in features that have enabled us to make windows that emulate traditional heritage frames including Georgian style windows and Victorian style windows. High quality foils are available to achieve a realistic wood effect window finish. Heritage features including Georgian bars and advanced timber-looking corner joint options are available across our complete uPVC window range.

Yes, we can make arched windows at our production site in Yorkshire. Our uPVC sliding sash windows are available as a true curved arch with Georgian bars or even as a tudor arch as originally witnessed throughout the gothic era.

As each project is different and every property has different dimensions, we can’t give an exact figure. Our competitive prices are aligned to the specifications of your property and the design that you choose. We have an online design tool so that you can play around with some styles and request a quote.

Astragal bars are the perfect addition for any Georgian window, as they will add a stunning decorative feature for your home. Astragal bars are fitted onto the window glazing internally and externally. It will give the window a classic appearance and give the illusion of multiple panes of glass.

Yes you can! The atragal bars can be designed to match the aesthetics of your new windows so that everything is syncronised.



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