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Georgian Windows

Georgian windows supplied by Quickslide to the trade. Manufactured here in West Yorkshire, our award winning service includes an extensive delivery facility to our registered trade partners. Discover the benefits of our Georgian style windows or request a price for them today.

Georgian windows

In-House Manufactured Windows

Quickslide are expert manufacturers of historic and heritage windows. This includes our Georgian windows, which are fantastic as a timber replica on older builds with outdated, original systems. Our Georgian vertical sliding designs come with all the hardware and features as you’d expect from any Quickslide sash window or casement window. Our West Yorkshire team have years of experience manufacturing and supplying windows for Georgian renovations.

uPVC Georgian windows

Georgian Window Materials

Original Georgian windows were made from timber, which can be hard to maintain. Our high quality Georgian style windows are available in uPVC or aluminium. Both are long lasting, easy to maintain and look chic and stylish. Our uPVC systems specifically are available with a wood effect foil making them look and feel like traditional timber windows from the Georgian era.

Georgian style windows

Georgian Window Designs

Sliding sash windows have been a very popular choice right from the Georgian period through to the early 20th century. As demand for heritage has returned, sliding sash windows in modern materials have become immensely popular. The main feature of these windows is the Georgian full grid bar layout, which is available across all our window ranges, including our Legacy vertical sliders.

Product Options

Colour Options

Our uPVC sash windows are available in a wide range of colours, including stunning, authentic woodgrains. Whatever age of property they are to be installed in, we have a colour to suit. We even offer a bespoke colour bonding service, whereby we can produce windows in almost any conceivable hue. Additionally, we can provide dual colourways, granting a unique colour to the internal and external sides. Our extensive colours and woodgrain foil options are designed to be robust and resist fading from exposure to weather. The wool piles that we incorporate are colour matched so that you can receive a seamless colour aesthetic.

Smooth White Profile
Smooth White
White Woodgrain Profile
White Grain
Cream Woodgrain Profile
Cream Grain
Agate Grey Profile
Agate Grey
Grey Woodgrain Profile
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash Profile
Black Ash
Chartwell Green Profile
Chartwell Green
Golden Oak Profile
Golden Oak
Irish Oak Profile
Irish Oak
Rosewood Profile
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Performance Value
Best U-Value (Double Glazing) 1.4 W/m²K
Best Energy Rating A
Air Tightness (Pa) Class 4
Water Tightness (Pa) Class 6A
Wind Load (Pa) Class 3A
PAS 24 Security Upgrade Yes
Min Sizes W: 375mm | H: 800mm
Max Sizes W: 1500mm | H: 2400mm


Our Georgian windows come with innovative weather protection components to keep the elements at bay. Regardless of whether a uPVC or an aluminium system is specified, the windows will provide an enhanced weather performance compared with original timber. Homeowners shouldn’t have to be troubled by damp, mould or leaking.

Thermal Efficiency

Our Georgian windows can deliver the same outstanding thermal performance as any other style including our sliding sash windows. Georgian design windows can achieve U-values as low as 1.4W/m2K and ‘A’ Window Energy Ratings with the right specifications. Homeowners get the absolute best when you supply from Quickslide.


A significant upgrade on the Georgian windows of old, our new systems are available with a high security specification that has been tested to the latest PAS 24 standards. Both our uPVC and aluminium systems are discretely fitted with multi point locks. These work against forced entry, providing peace of mind for your local homeowners.

Manufacturing Guarantee

Here at Quickslide, we understand that actions speak louder than words. For this reason, every set of Georgian windows we manufacture are supported by a superb guarantee lasting up to a total ten years. When you supply through us, your customers’ investments are protected. This may make them more likely to choose you for their renovations.

Download Resources

Find all our marketing materials on Georgian windows here. As a trade partner, you can use these brochures, specifications, and guides to market our products better. We even have installation guides for many of our uPVC and aluminium systems.

Are Georgian windows more expensive?

Yes, historic style windows will be more expensive than your classic standard windows because they require an astragal bar grid to achieve the Georgian look.

Can you replicate traditional Georgian windows?

Yes, we have invested heavily in features that have enabled us to make windows that emulate traditional heritage frames. This includes Georgian style windows and Victorian style windows. High quality foils are available to achieve a realistic wood effect window finish.

Heritage features including Georgian bars and advanced timber look corner joint options are available across our heritage uPVC window range.

What are astragal bars?

Astragal bars are the perfect addition for any Georgian window, as they will add a stunning decorative feature for your home. Astragal bars are fitted onto the window glazing internally and externally. It will give the window a classic appearance and give the illusion of multiple panes of glass.

What types of sash window are there?

The most common sash window styles are Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian. The key difference between these three is the appearance of their sashes. Georgian windows have smaller panes of glass divided by astragal bars or “Georgian bars”; meanwhile, Victorian windows have only two panes of glass on each sash. Edwardian windows fall between the two, as they combine both glazing styles on each of their sashes.

What is the price of a Georgian style window?

The price of our Georgian sash windows can change based on a number of factors, such as size, colour, additional features and upgrades, and more. The best way to get a price for sash windows is via our online tool or by contacting a member of our staff directly.

How do I clean sash windows?

Our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance guide can help you keep your Georgian sash windows clean without any fuss.

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