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Double glazing manufactured for windows and doors by Quickslide. Based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, we supply and deliver an award winning uPVC and aluminium range to the trade. Discover the benefits of our high quality double glazing below or request a price for windows and doors today.

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Industry Leading Double Glazing

Having a supply of quality window and door profiles isn’t enough to provide the best to your local homeowners. An excellent double glazed unit can seriously enhance the overall product. With Quickslide, you get exactly that. Our windows and doors come with thermally efficient and soundproof glazed units, perfect for both new builds and refurbishments. Homeowners get the absolute best in long term performance.

uPVC Casement Windows West Yorkshire

Double Glazing Applications

The double glazing we manufacture and supply can be used in both windows and doors. We have units for casement windows, as well as their flush variants. Our range of sash window double glazing, flag, bow and bay windows, as well as heritage designs including Georgian and arched windows come secondary glazed as standard. Please note the glass units are supplied separately for our aluminium products. Our glazing is also used in a wide range of our external doors. The sash windows double glazing is 24mm thick as standard, and is filled with an energy efficient argon gas. Timber sash double glazing is very rare, as most timber sliding sash windows are part of period properties from way back before double glazing hit the UK. Our heritage aesthetic modern uPVC upgrades can massively increase the thermal performance of older homes, without sacrificing the unique style that a wood sash window provides.

Casement Window Suppliers West Yorkshire

Hassle Free Double Glazing

We match the quality of our double glazing with a service of equal standard. While we’re based in West Yorkshire, we work with trade partners in all four corners of the country, thanks to our own delivery fleet and drivers. We’re also accredited by CENSolutions and have won many regional and national awards, which serve as testament to the lengths we go to. Choose Quickslide and enjoy a hassle free, streamlined service.

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We provide information on local stockists of our products for your convenience. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you receive the correct products and to vet these businesses for your peace of mind. While some may prioritise choosing a FENSA registered business, others may have different criteria. We encourage you to select a business that best fits your requirements.


Sound Reduction

An advantage of double glazing is reduced noise pollution. Whether the homeowner lives near a busy road or next door to loud neighbours, the additional pane of glass will naturally help soundproof the home. We also recommend our laminated acoustic upgrade, for the best in noise reduction.

Improved Insulation

Double glazing is a great way to help keep the home warm. The two glass panes create a heat retention barrier, which will help make sure that only a small amount of cold air enters the home through the glass. The homeowner can enjoy a better standard of long term energy efficiency as a result.


Our double glazing is attentively assembled and compliments the naturally secure nature of our uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. Double glazing is the perfect choice for homeowners if they are looking for new or replacement windows for their home.

Visual Appeal

With the range of design variations and upgrades that are available, our double glazing can help enhance a window or door’s visual appeal. Homeowners can select from a whole host of options, with something to suit every budget and style of home.

Download Resources

Looking to attain the technical specifics about our double glazing? Visit our resources hub to download all our brochures, data sheets and marketing materials, or find applicable ones here.

Why offer double glazing?

Any reputable window manufacturer will offer a double glazed glass unit as standard. Standard glazing at Quickslide is comprised of a glass unit with a pocket of air in between the two panes of glass. Upgrades for argon gas, acoustic laminated glass and obscure glass are available upon request.

How long does double glazing last?

Double glazing can last for decades. The general consensus on the lifespan of double glazing is estimated to be around 25 years, but this comes down to the external environment as well as the amount of care you take for your double glazing.

Are all your windows double glazed?

Yes, all our windows come with double glazing as standard. All our windows and doors come with a 28mm glass unit except for our uPVC sliding sash windows and aluminium flush sash windows, which come with a slimmer 24mm double glazed glass unit. Old and cheap windows tend to come with single glazing, which while less money at the time, can lead to much higher energy and maintenance costs in the long run.

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I have used Quickslide a few times for their sliding sash windows. The service from the staff is quick and professional, they are always there to give advice and offer help with any query. The quality of the windows is excellent. They are a pleasure to install and have not had any problems with them since. They are easy to operate and keep the rooms warm and draught free in the winter months. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend Quickslide and their products, one of, if not the best company I have dealt with.

Phil Wooller

Been using Quickslide for a few years now. Really happy with their product and customer service. Staff are always friendly and willing to help. An all round really nice company to deal with.

Swift Windows

Our customers, particularly in the traditional buildings around York, mainly request the 'Legacy' Sliding Sash windows. These windows look fabulous; so authentic that many people are shocked to discover they are not made of wood. The windows are a great advert and more often than not, having installed Quickslide 'Legacy' windows in a property, the neighbours will approach us for quotes for their own houses.

Juliet Waters

Our experience from first encounter at the Quickslide Sales office in Brighouse to the completion of 14 fantastic new sash windows, was absolutely first class. The company was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and capable staff at all points along the way.

Kevin Galloway

We ordered over 30 mainly sliding sash windows in 2 batches for a project. The quality of the windows is excellent and great value for money. The lead times for both orders were accurate. The communication prior to each delivery and from their own drivers were faultless.

Ken McLelland

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