Modern Sash Windows by Quickslide: Timeless Elegance for Your Home

The Timeless Elegance of Sash Windows: A Perfect Addition to Your Home

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Widely introduced all the way back in the Georgian era, sash windows have been a staple in UK homes for hundreds of years. While the mechanisms and manufacturing processes behind the functionality of sash windows may have evolved and changed over the years, the timeless elegance of their design remains.

At Quickslide, we manufacture and supply high performance, modern sash windows. Our contemporary design beautifully combines advanced efficiency and safety with the elegant style and classic functionality that only sash windows can provide.

Find out more about sash windows’ unique features below and discover how they can be a perfect addition to your home. Find a price for our sash windows now on our website or talk to your local installer.

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Timeless Design

We manufacture our sash windows using high quality uPVC. This modern material can withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions and heavy usage without warping or cracking. Its lightweight and robust properties allow for a simple and smooth operation. Even with our efficient double glazing, our sash windows can be easily opened and closed thanks to these lightweight frames.

Unlike some other window materials, our uPVC sash windows can last for potentially decades without losing their timeless appeal. All it takes to keep them performing at their best is an occasional cleaning to remove any build-up of dirt with a cloth or sponge. Our extensive colourways are all designed for external use, letting homeowners rest easy knowing they can avoid having to repaint their sash windows.

At Quickslide, we understand that the classic look and feel of a home is important. The original sash windows from the past were mostly made from timber. We proudly provide our highly detailed and varied woodgrain foils to capture that timeless style. Homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of modern efficiency and security that uPVC provides without compromising the timeless elegance of their heritage home.

Elegantly Efficient

Our uPVC sash windows could be the perfect addition to almost any home thanks to their energy efficient double glazing. Thanks to our contemporary innovations, our sash windows can reach an astounding ‘A’ energy rating as standard, with U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K. Homes can remain warm and comfortable while maintaining the beloved sliding sash opening style.

The uPVC frames and sashes are multi chambered and use small air pockets to trap heat and prevent it from escaping. The double glazing units are filled with argon gas for maximised warmth trapping potential.

Additionally, Quickslide will soon be introducing a new slim midrail, allowing for more space for our bespoke double glazing. Not only can homes remain warmer for longer, but they can also be flooded with more natural light, even when the windows are closed!

Authentic Style

Despite being made from contemporary materials, our sash windows have been designed to provide an authentic look. We can offer run through horns that are mechanically jointed and run seamlessly with the top sash. Plus, it’s possible to upgrade these sash windows with surface glazing bars and a deep bottom rail for a truly timeless classic look. 

The wool piles that we use to enhance the weather resistance of our sash windows are colour matched with the rest of the frame. Choose from our vibrant range of colourways without compromising the harmonious aesthetic while still keeping out those cold draughts and leaks. For the finishing touch to our authentic look, we can also provide an optional ovolo shaped weather bar to bring the whole package together. 

Vibrant Colour Range

At Quickslide, not only can our sash windows come in a range of stunning colours and classic woodgrain foils, but they can also be created with dual colourways! By separating the outside colour from the inside, homeowners can maintain the heritage aesthetic of their property while enjoying a modern and sleek interior.

Our RAL colours can suit a broad range of aesthetics, whether the home uses classic woodgrains like Irish oak or a more modern shade like agate grey. Plus, if we don’t have the perfect colour in stock, we also offer a bespoke colour bonding service! We can produce sash windows in almost any conceivable hue. 

Discover more about our gorgeous colour collection on our website. Or, find inspiration by checking out our other blog.

Sash Window Prices

Get a price for our sash windows, or find your local installer today on our website. All it takes is your postcode to get started. Call us at 03332 412 240 to talk to an expert team member, or use our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Apply to become a Quickslide trade partner today and enjoy bespoke marketing support and a host of other benefits.


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