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Sash Window Colour Choices

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Sliding sash windows have been a staple in UK homes for hundreds of years. Their picturesque design is so familiar that if you were to ask a child to draw a house, you’d likely see that classic “plus symbol” astragal bar design.

As times changed, many homes turned away from the beauty of traditional timber sash windows and favoured more energy-efficient materials and designs, such as uPVC casement windows or mock sash windows. While these window styles offered modern double glazing and powerful insulation, they sacrificed the unique aesthetic appeal that vertical sliders bring to a home. 

With Quickslide, however, homeowners can now get the best of both worlds: impressive thermal performance and a traditional sash window style. Say goodbye to the colour limitations of old uPVC models and the high maintenance of timber windows, and hello to Quickslide’s sash windows.

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Advancements In uPVC Colours

Decades ago, when uPVC initially became popular for windows and doors, you’d be hard-pressed to find many colours beyond white, or maybe a subtle cream. A sacrifice many agreed to make in order to improve their heat retention and maintenance costs vastly. However, that was then, and at Quickslide, we live in the present with our eyes on the future.

Massive advancements over the years in uPVC manufacturing now allow our uPVC sliding sash windows to be available in almost any shade or hue. But that’s not all; The best part is that the colours are highly durable and long-lasting. Homeowners can receive classic sash window colours like Chartwell green, calm and relaxing creams, or deep brown shades without the difficulties of repainting every few years. 

While painted wood sash windows can have streak marks, blotches, or uneven patches leading to different shades or chipping and flaking, our colour bonding service creates an even and vibrant coating. 

We offer more than just a catalogue of robust colours; we can also supply our energy efficient sliding sash windows with dual colourways. The external and internal sides can be made different for a classic exterior and a modernised interior design. Quickslide has sash window colour choices that allow for total creative freedom!

Advancements In Sliding Sash Energy Efficiency

  • Double glazed glass units
  • Specialised argon gas
  • Lightweight profiles
  • Highly insulated

Timber sliding sash windows have been available in a wide range of colours for nearly their entire existence, but their limited energy efficiency makes it difficult for modern homeowners to justify keeping them around. But by upgrading with Quickslide, homeowners can choose from any sash window colour to suit their property while also enjoying our contemporary double glazing. We fill our double glazed glass units with a specialised argon gas, which is capable of retaining more heat than normal air. 

uPVC is also a lightweight, durable, and thermally retaining material, and inside the frame you’ll find insulation chambers which help to provide good thermal insulation as well as stabilise the window frame construction.

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Lasting Colour Combined With Authentic Design

Our extensive catalogue of sash window colour choices and combinations is only a small part of our sliding sash window customisations. As we’ve been manufacturing sliding sash windows for around 20 years, we understand that each homeowner is unique and desires a look that is tailored to their specific property. 

Beyond our standard white finish, we also have an assortment of woodgrain foils that can make our uPVC sash windows look like wooden sash windows. These finishes are designed to be exposed to external elements including the ever-wet weather conditions in Britain. With Quickslide, you’ll get all the beauty of traditional sliding sash windows with none of the hassle.

We also have 90-degree mechanical joints that replace the standard uPVC welds to recreate the appearance of handmade timber Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian windows. There is also the option for a deep bottom rail, astragal bars (also called Georgian bars), run–through horns, and an assortment of traditional hardware to get that perfect finishing touch. 

As a brand-new development, we have a new slim 37mm midrail that replicates the slim profile seen in traditional wooden sliders, for even closer authenticity. 

Quickslide is proud to manufacture the Legacy sash window in so many colour choices, letting homeowners across the country maintain their traditional properties without sacrificing their energy bills by keeping their old single-glazed windows. 

Colourful Sash Window Supply

Choose Quickslide for a reliable supply of double glazed sash windows in almost any conceivable colour! Use our locator tool to find a local installer, or become a trade partner and benefit from our extensive marketing support and fast lead times. 

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