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Top Trending Window Styles

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Fashion trends come and go, but windows tend to stay in style for much longer, such as the timeless sliding sash window. Originally invented back in the mid-17th century, this simple yet refined window design has remained a staple in UK homes for so long that they’re nearly the go-to when someone says “think of a house”. 

It’s no wonder that they have maintained their position as a highly sought-after home improvement product, as they are a hallmark of the traditional Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian eras. Sash windows can offer authentic, comforting aesthetics, practicality in their simple opening mechanics, and impressive thermal efficiency with Quickslide’s product offering. 

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Other Trending Window Styles

Beyond the vertical sliding window, other top-trending window styles today include casement and flush casement windows. These more contemporary designs are also available from Quickslide and can provide excellent sightlines as well as heritage aesthetics with the flush sash versions. We can either supply these window styles as classic side openers or as bow windows, bay windows or even flag windows.

Why Have Sash Windows Remained So Popular?

  • Timeless in Design
  • Secure
  • Low maintenance
  • Customisable
  • Historic

The humble vertical sliding sash window has evolved alongside the UK’s history. From the Georgian period to the Edwardian period, they were the primary choice in almost every building type. Many cities across the UK have been labelled as historic sites, including areas of Edinburgh, Southampton, and London, and hundreds of old buildings still stand with their original sliding sashes intact! 

Even today, many of the UK’s residents have grown up surrounded by period architecture, so it’s no wonder that many have an attachment to such designs.

Modern Sash Windows

While many consider the old-era sash window aesthetic timeless, aspects that needed updating for new builds and contemporary homes include their energy efficiency, air ventilation, and security. At Quickslide, our innovative uPVC sash window design have evolved the traditional vertical slider into a truly timeless design that is suitable for almost every kind of property.

For example, the slide-and-tilt facility makes maintenance and cleaning routines simple without the need for dangerous leaning or angles to clean the outside of the window. Meanwhile, the trickle vents provide enhanced ventilation while also enabling our sliding sash windows to comply with the latest building regulations – a legal requirement for any home improvement.  

A key trending window feature right now is energy retention. With energy bills continuing to climb without much sign of stopping, improving the energy efficiency of a home is vital when choosing new windows. The top trending windows have become those styles that can offer efficient double glazing alongside heritage beauty. However, with Quickslide, homes can gain the best of both worlds as unlike single glazed period sash windows, our Legacy uPVC sliding sash comes with double glazing as standard. The double glazed panes are filled with argon gas, which provides even better thermal insulation than standard air.

Traditional Sash Window Styles

Of course, the key reason vertical sliding sash windows remain one of the top trending window styles is their period appearance. At Quickslide, we’ve developed several authentic features that make our uPVC windows resemble true timber as much as possible. 

From the classic run-through horns and deep bottom rail to long-lasting woodgrain foils and 90-degree mechanical joints to replace the standard uPVC welds, our abundance of optional features can make our uPVC windows an excellent choice for replacement sash windows on old properties, or a gorgeous and unique addition to modern homes. 

Our brand new slim midrail takes authenticity another leap forward. The 37mm midrail replicates the slim design of period Victorian timber windows, making them even harder to tell apart.

Trending Window Prices

Quickslide has a massive range of trending window styles and designs to help you create the perfect dream home. Browse our window range, get a price on our website, and sign up as a Quickslide trade partner today. Learn more about our supply by calling our team at 03332 412 240 or use our online contact form for more detailed queries. Are you a homeowner looking to get our authentic sash windows for your home? Find your nearest installer with ease on our website in just a few clicks.

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