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Sliding Sash Windows Rochester

Our high-quality sliding sash windows make a fantastic feature to any Rochester property. Sustainable, energy-efficient and secure are just some of the many benefits to expect from our products.

With a ten-year manufacturer guarantee, our sliding sash windows are worth investing in. Additionally, they are easily customisable, making it a simple task to match the aesthetic of the property. Begin steps towards upgrading any Rochester property by getting a free and accurate quote today.


Made In Britain

Expect fast lead times with our sliding sash windows. We manufacture the windows in-house. This ensures Quickslide are able to produce products that have been carefully designed to meet the requirements we set. Another benefit to manufacturing them within the UK is that we don’t need to wait around for parts to be shipped in.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Partnering with Spectus, Quickslide’s windows are manufactured through the combination of our intricate designs and Spectus’ sustainable and durable materials. Have sliding sash windows that can withstand all kinds of weather and when reaching the end of their use are able to be recycled. There’ll be no concern over unnecessary waste with our outstanding products.

Traditional Design Meets Modern Techniques

Inspired by original timber designs, sliding sash windows offer the benefit of a classic look without the drawbacks timber itself can bring. Our design combines the stunning detailed design of traditional windows with today’s modern techniques. Tarnishing and fading aren’t something that is inevitably going to happen with these windows. 



Product Options

Our Colour Options

Choose from a wide variety of stunning colours. It’s incredibly easy to make Rochester homes that are unique from the rest with these carefully selected colours can bring new life to any property. From Agate Grey to Chartwell Green, there are many different styles to create.

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Performance Value
Best U-Value (Double Glazing) 1.4 W/m²K
Best Energy Rating A
Air Tightness (Pa) Class 3
Water Tightness (Pa) Class 5A
Wind Load (Pa) Class 3A
PAS 24 Security Upgrade Yes
Min Sizes W: 360mm | H: 750mm
Max Sizes W: 1500mm | H: 2350mm

Stress Free Winter

There’ll be no need to stress about winter or the cold with these windows. Featuring superb glazing and an outstanding design, these products can keep any property warm no matter what the weather throws at them. These windows are able to achieve an energy rating of 'A' with argon gas and a U-value as low as 1.4 W/m2K.

Keep Intruders Out

With a secure design that isn’t complex to operate. Our sliding sash windows make an excellent feature for a property in need of a security update. Designed to offer fantastic protection against intruders, these windows will provide excellent protection. There’s also the choice of adding our PAS24 security feature, which remains easy to use and gives additional peace of mind.

10-Year Manufacturer Guarantee

With a ten-year manufacturer guarantee, there’s no reason not to invest in these incredible sliding sash windows. At Quickslide, it’s important to us that our customers are able to invest in new products without the concern of wasting money. This guarantee provides a layer of security, that should anything go wrong, there’ll be another option to fall back on. We will always put our customers first.

Bespoke Conservation Area

Rochester homes located in a conservation area or listed as heritage buildings can still benefit from our sliding sash windows. A unique design means that our windows won’t break any conservation or heritage regulations. Using the woodgrain foils to give the aesthetic of timber, the uPVC easily blends in, ensuring the property doesn’t look out of place. Though, should there be any concerns we do still recommend seeking out a local planning officer.

Sliding Sash Window Prices Rochester

Improve a Rochester property’s performance with our stunning sliding sash windows. You can get a quote for our bespoke products by using the online quoting engine. If you need an installer to come and fit the windows, look no further! We have an easy to use locator tool that will help you find the nearest fully qualified professional. 

Should you have any questions or would like to go over your quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today via 03332 412 240 or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Are the sliding sash windows customisable?

Indeed, they are! We’ve made customising the windows to meet the needs of our customers easy. Select from a whole range of hardware, glass, colours and woodgrain foils. Adaptable and stylish, our unique sliding sash windows can match perfectly with any property they are fitted into.

Are the sliding sash windows eco-friendly?

Yes, they are! These windows can be recycled and reused again and again. Partnering with Spectus means we are able to supply windows that feature sustainable materials and are built to last. As they are also highly thermally efficient, the windows can help lower the need to have the Rochester property’s heating always on.

Are the windows compatible with new builds?

Yes, the sliding sash windows are compatible and are able to be fitted into new builds. All that will be required is that you inform us beforehand, as we’ll be able to make sure the windows meet the specific requirements that are required in a new build.

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