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Our uPVC Sash Windows Are Now PAS 24:2016 Approved!

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Our Award-Winning Vertical Sliding Sash Windows are now certified and approved to PAS 24:2016. With continuous improvement always at the forefront of everything we do, we’ve developed high security components that ensure our Sliding Sash Window passes the test for PAS 24:2016.

If manufacturers such as Quickslide are to be able to proof security compliance in the form of certification, formal testing such as PAS 24 is compulsorily and it has been since the late 90s. The main purpose of the test is to either pass or fail the enhanced security upgrades for fenestration products. PAS 24 have certain standards that the products must meet in order to pass the test. Our security upgrades for our sash windows include reinforced tilt latches, two upgraded locks as well as locking keeps and two top sash security blocks. The top sash blocks can be found on the top sash and when the window is closed, they sit in the frame making it exceptionally secure and strongly resistant to burglary. These security features have enabled our uPVC Sash Window to pass the PAS 24:2016 test.

Being certified to PAS 24:2016 allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds; it’s not only one of the most authentic and beautiful sash windows available it’s now also one of the most secure.

The official certification also means that both residential customers as well as trade partners can use the PAS 24:2016 pass to effectively demonstrate compliance to Building Regulations Approved Document Q1. If you aren’t completely familiar with the complexity of Building Regulations, the PAS 24:2016 security certificate means that our sash windows can be used for new build projects.

Please note that the ‘Pas 24:2016’ upgrade is not standard and must be requested as part of the window specification.

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