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What colours are available for uPVC windows?

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The style of a home is essential, and having windows that are a part of that style is integral for homeowners to create the aesthetic that suits their personal needs. At Quickslide, we manufacture and supply a broad range of colours and woodgrain foils to match almost any home’s unique look. No matter what kind of uPVC window you need, we can supply it thanks to our impressive selection of customisable products.

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Long Lasting Modern & Traditional Colours

As standard, uPVC windows come in a smooth white finish. However, Quickslide can provide custom colours to suit your needs. We always strive to continue improving our colour range with an even more expansive collection of shades and hues. We listen to our trade partners to follow the latest trending colours so that we can provide products that customers can love.

We can proudly offer a great selection of grey and white shades that can be perfect for any contemporary home. Or, if you’re looking for something that stands out, we can also provide a fantastic variety of natural-looking green and cream shades. These gorgeous colours could be perfect for any property owner looking for an installation that matches their environment.

Woodgrain Foils

Our woodgrain foils are bonded directly to our high quality uPVC using hot glue and rollers, which we leave to set before being fabricated. The woodgrains we provide shouldn’t peel off on their own, so as long as the homeowner maintains the windows after the installation, they could last for decades. Our state of the art machinery carries out every foiling process, ensuring that our products are manufactured at the highest quality standards.

For installers looking for uPVC windows that could provide a genuinely authentic aesthetic, we can also offer 90 degree joints that replace the 45 degree uPVC welds to mimic those found on traditional windows. When combined with our excellent foil collection, installers can provide homeowners with uPVC windows that have a beautiful woodgrain finish, ideal for those living within conservation areas.

Customers can choose from a vast collection like golden oak, rosewood, and Irish oak, to name a few. Additionally, our woodgrain foils are not only authentic looking but also low maintenance. Combined with the highly energy efficient glazing and uPVC profiles, you won’t have to compromise between style and substance by choosing Quickslide as your traditional timber replicating windows supplier.

Additionally, we have our own woodgrain foil facility so that installers could expect fast lead times on all our traditional foiled uPVC windows. Contact Quickslide today if you’re in need of fast, top quality traditional looking uPVC windows. If you are also looking for new doors to match your new uPVC windows, we can even provide our fantastic range of woodgrain foils for our bifold doors.

Dual Colourways

One of our newer developments now allows us to manufacture dual colours for our uPVC sliding sash windows. It’s never been easier to blend traditional and contemporary styles together. For example, we can manufacture windows in agate grey on the external side with a smooth heritage white wood effect on the inside. So, if you want the benefits of a modern look but don’t want to stray too far away from the traditional aesthetics we’re known for, then check out our dual colourways to build the perfect combination for your new uPVC windows. They allow homeowners to keep their home’s heritage style seamlessly while enjoying modern internal designs to match the rest of their furnishings.

Bespoke Colours and Finishes

Not only do we have an excellent collection of brand-new finishes to choose from, but if you’re in need of something specific or a little more personal, we’re proud to offer a bespoke colour bonding service. This service allows us to produce our windows and doors in almost any colour, including the ever-popular RAL collection! Rest assured, you could find the perfect customised colour window when you choose Quickslide. 

This bespoke service, combined with our dual colourways, can give you incredible customisation. Additionally, we can offer authentic joints, seamless welds, deep bottom rails and more to make uPVC windows that look and feel genuinely traditionally authentic. All while gaining all the modern benefits that PVu provides, such as high energy efficiency, strong long lasting durability, and tight weather seals.

uPVC Window Prices

You can ask for a price for our uPVC windows either by submitting your required specifications here on our website, or you can contact a member of our friendly team by calling us on 03332 412 240 or by emailing us at Become a trade partner for Quickslide today and install our colourful uPVC windows!

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