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How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

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When it comes to the price of sash windows, there are numerous factors that determine the final cost including size and optional window features.

How Much Are Sash Windows?

The cost of installing new uPVC sash windows in an existing home or a traditional-style self-build will typically be higher than having casements installed, but the extra expense for added character or a realistic recreation is typically justified.

Depending on the company you select to buy your windows from and any extra costs you might incur because of customisation or size, these costs could become much higher.

Our vertical slider costs can be determined using our sash windows cost calculator. It’s an easy-to-use tool, which guides you through the different sizes and customisation options we offer. Additionally, it’s an easy way of getting an accurate price efficiently based on the window specification and service you require.

With Quickslide, you can get authentic-looking vertical sliding sash windows for as low as £396. choose Quickslide for a reliable supply of award-winning sliding sash windows with fast lead times.

Why Is There a Difference Between uPVC and Timber Sash Window Prices? 

Nowadays, a wide variety of Victorian sliders are produced with double glazing out of wood or uPVC. 

Both types of sash window materials have advantages and disadvantages, but in general, homeowners will choose uPVC because it is more practical, requires less upkeep, and never needs to be repainted.

What Other Factors Contribute to Sash Window Prices? 

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Profiles
  • Sash Balances
  • Glass Type
  • Color Options
  • Material Quality
  • Installation Complexity
  • Additional Features
  • Location

Apart from the material they’re made of, there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to your sash window prices. 

Naturally, the size of your new windows will have an impact on the cost of your secondary glazing sash windows. If, as per our recommendation, you’re using a professional installer, the weight will impact the installation process and may, therefore, also impact the cost of your sash windows. The size will determine the amount of profiles required in production. Additionally, the sash balances are built to support the weight of the sashes and come in different sizes depending on the overall window size. The larger the window, the more material and increase in price. 

Sash double glazing may go up if you choose alternative glass styles. For instance, if you opt for acoustic glass, this can significantly increase the price. This is so that noise can be muffled, which is accomplished by using specialized laminated glass, which is thicker, heavier, and more expensive to produce.

Finally, your window sash replacement is significantly influenced by colour. As you might have already guessed, some colour options and foils can be more expensive than other typical sash window colours.

A standard uPVC window colour of white can be purchased for less money. For other additional colours, the price could be expected to be increased.

Secondary glazing sash windows are still very common in homes in the UK, whether for contemporary structures or traditional buildings whose heritage is supported by the windows’ elegant design elements. 

To learn more about the installation of your sash windows and inquire about a quote, get in touch with Quickslide today! We’d love to hear from you.

Why Choose Quickslide Windows? 

  • Seamless Integration:
  • Customization
  • High Performance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Compliance

Since Quickslide was established, we have always offered products that fit seamlessly into any home. Our products are designed and manufactured to our customers’ specifications. The sliding sash windows we produce offer high levels of performance, and they may even help you save money that would otherwise have been spent on energy bills.

We are always at the forefront of the home improvement industry. Our sash windows are available with the right specifications to comply with relevant building regulations. There’s no need to worry about being restricted with your new sliding sash windows when you order from Quickslide.

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Sash Window Costs

Take a look at our double glazed sash windows and start lowering your energy bills today! We have a wide selection available, including Victorian windows, Georgian windows, Edwardian windows, casement windows, flush sash windows, heritage windows and much more. 

If you want to know more about the latest news here at Quickslide, look at our blog to see what we are getting to. If you are interested in becoming a Trade Partner, look at our program and get in touch. Find your local installer to start planning your next project, and get a price for our products. We are also on hand to offer our expert advice. Get in touch through our online contact form, or give us a ring at 03332 412 240.

What Areas Do You Provide Sash Windows To?

We can offer our sash windows to a broad range of areas throughout the UK, including AlresfordBirminghamBristolCanterburyDundeeEastleighFarehamGlasgowLondonManchesterNorthamptonSouthamptonWinchesterWolverhamptonYork, and many more. To see more of the areas we cover, please visit our FAQ page.

Where Can I Buy Coloured Sash Windows?

Here at Quickslide, we can manufacture our sash windows in almost any conceivable hue thanks to our bespoke colour bonding service. You won’t need to go anywhere else, as we also have dual colourways and beautiful wood effect vertical sliders.

I Am A Homeowner, Can I Replace Sash Windows Myself?

We recommend leaving the installation of replacement sash windows to expert fitters and installers. If you’re a homeowner and are interested in our Legacy sash window replacements, then use our free find an installer tool.

Are Double Glazed Sash Windows Expensive?

The cost of double-glazed sash windows can be higher than typical window frame styles. However, they can provide an unmatched aesthetic that has remained popular within the UK for centuries.

Are Sash Windows Worth The Cost?

In short, yes. The cost of sash windows is worth their appearance, functionality, and incredible modern efficiency. Our sash windows can provide your customers with more than just a great-looking window; they can also help to improve security, reduce draughts and leaks, and reduce energy bills. All while still maintaining a heritage feel.

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How Much Are Sash Windows?

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