Advantages of Double Glazed Sash Windows: Enhance Your Home Today

The Advantages of Double Glazed Sash Windows: A Wise Investment

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There are many advantages of double glazed sash windows, but understanding the massive impact that double glazing can have on a home can be difficult to put into perspective. At Quickslide, we’ve made it easy to understand how double glazed sash windows differ from single glazed windows of old and how they can enhance any contemporary or classic home.

Read on to discover the advantages of double glazed sash windows or get a price now for our sash windows on our website.

What is Double Glazing?

First, double glazing is a type of glass pane consisting of two separate panes placed extremely close together. The gap created here is where heat becomes trapped as it passes through the first pane. This effect can be extended further with triple glazing. Please note we cannot offer triple glazing on sliding sash windows. The depth of the window would simply be too great. 

Double glazing is the sweet spot between weight, efficiency, and heat trapping potential for many homeowners, which is why it has become so popular since its initial introduction to the UK!

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Advantages Of Double Glazed Sash Windows

Below are just some of the advantages of double glazed sash windows. To learn more about energy efficiency and what it can do for you, check out more of our blogs on our website here.

A Warmer Home

With our bespoke double glazed sash windows, homeowners can enjoy a warmer, cosier home without relying on central heating systems as often. Double glazing traps heat between its panes, preventing it from radiating outside where it is wasted. By being more energy efficient with the heat a home generates, the home can remain comfortable and warm even in colder months.

At Quickslide, all our sash windows come with our bespoke double glazing as standard. Plus, we fill our double glazing with a special argon gas capable of trapping heat much more efficiently than regular air. We also provide weather resistance features to help keep out cold draughts and leaks, keeping homes free from sudden chills in the winter. Our colour matched wool piles can act as a seal against rain or wind while maintaining the beautiful colour of a window for an uncompromised aesthetic. 

To avoid the build-up of condensation, at Quickslide we incorporate expertly colour matched trickle vents into our uPVC sash windows. Trickle vents allow tiny amounts of air to flow even when the sash windows are closed, which can help reduce condensation, dampness, and mould.

Save On Energy Bills

Not only can homeowners enjoy a warmer home all year round, but our sash windows can also be a wise investment for those looking to reduce their energy bills. As double glazed sash windows retain more heat, generating heat by using gas or electricity is less needed for most of the year. By reducing a home’s energy consumption, homeowners could spend less on their energy bills year after year. 

Even just a few years of our uPVC sash windows could be all it takes to make the investment back via lower energy costs.

Improved Carbon Footprint

Another advantage of double glazed sash windows that many may not consider is the reduced environmental impact. By using less energy and being more efficient and selective with the energy one does use, the overall carbon footprint of the property can be reduced year after year. By replacing old and outdated windows with double glazed sash windows, homeowners can enjoy all the personal benefits while improving their surrounding environment.

Modern uPVC sash windows, especially double glazed ones, can have incredibly long lifespans compared to timber windows. By having a longer lifespan, they won’t need to be repaired, replaced, or maintained nearly as much, leading to less materials being wasted. This increased material efficiency can also grant homeowners peace of mind, as their home can look its best for longer, but it can also help reduce the environmental impact.

Sound Resistant

Just like with heat and cold, sound passes through windows both ways. With double glazed sash windows, sounds can be muffled and reduced, leading to a quieter and more peaceful home. Homeowners can be louder for longer without bothering neighbours or sleep in without disturbances from noisy traffic.

Double Glazed Sash Window Prices

Are you interested in the advantages of double glazed sash windows? Then get a price today and start a wise investment into your home. For more information or questions, contact us directly at 03332 412 240 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Find an installer near you with our locator tool or become a trade partner today and enjoy marketing support and dedicated aftersales service.

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The Advantages of Double Glazed Sash Windows: A Wise Investment

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