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What Customisation Options Are There for Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

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Vertical sliding sash windows have been a classic for homes across the country for hundreds of years since their inception, thanks to their wide variety of styles and customisation options.

But what customisation options are there for vertical sliding sash windows? What kinds of properties do they suit best, and how unique can they be compared to other window types? At Quickslide, we can supply vertical sliding sash windows with all sorts of customisation options to ensure that you can create a unique look for your next project. 

Become a trade partner today and choose Quickslide for your customisable vertical sliding sash windows, or learn more about the options available below.

Hardware Range

One of the critical features of any window is the hardware. The hardware choices for our vertical sliding sash windows have been designed and carefully selected based on their durability, style, and ease of use. From classic cam locks to heritage locks and lift hooks, all of our hardware range is also able to come in a choice of colours to suit your chosen colour scheme better.

For those looking for more modern hardware, we also have an Avia Smart Hardware option, which, just like our heritage options, can also be coloured gold, chrome, black, white, or even satin graphite. This option is excellent for those looking to enhance the security of their vertical sliding sash windows.

Glazing Options

As standard, all of our vertical sliding sash windows come with 24mm double glazed units. Our double glazing offers excellent energy efficiency, with U-values that can reach as low as 1.4 W/m2K and an ‘A’ energy rating. 

However, there are also customisation options for our glazing, such as laminated glass and obscuring glass. By upgrading to our acoustic lamination, the noise reduction of our vertical sliding sash windows can increase even further. Homeowners can enjoy a quieter, more private home without as many disturbances from noisy neighbours or nearby traffic. 

The obscuring glass options we have come in a variety of obscuring levels, with one being the least obscure and five being the most. From satin and stipple to bark and leaf designs, our extensive glazing options can bring the finishing touch to any vertical sliding sash windows design.

Authenticity Features

One of the biggest draws of vertical sliding sash windows for most homeowners is their traditional aesthetic. The appearance of timber windows is one that a lot of people would like to maintain, but with modern regulations, rising energy costs, and modern innovations, it can be difficult to justify keeping old timber windows. 

But with Quickslide, there doesn’t need to be any compromise between that classic authentic look and modern efficiency. Our highly energy efficient uPVC vertical sliding sash windows can come with various heritage customisation options, allowing them to mimic the appearance of timber.

These customisation options include mechanically jointed run-through horns, which form a continuous part of the top sash, a deep bottom rail that mimics the weight bearing rails of old, and perhaps most importantly, 90-degree mechanical joints. These joints replace the 45-degree welds found on typical uPVC windows, avoiding those telltale giveaways.

Please note that our mechanical joints are only available for woodgrain only.

Upgraded Security

Another customisation option perfectly suited for new build requirements is our high security PAS 24 package. While our vertical sliding sash windows already come standard with advanced practical security features, the PAS 24 upgrade can provide that final peace of mind for homeowners. The package comes with enhanced tilt latches, as well as an improved lock and keep, and security blocks added to the top sash, which can keep properties safe and secure from modern intrusion techniques.

Custom Colours & Woodgrains

For many homeowners, one of the most important factors when it comes to their home is the colour scheme. With Quickslide, you can maintain a home’s unique colour combination with our bespoke colour bonding for our vertical sliding sash windows. We have a wide variety of stock RAL colours and woodgrain foils available, but our colour bonding service lets us create vertical sliding sash windows in almost any hue or shade. Each of our woodgrains is designed to be robust and withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions without losing its lustre.

We can even create dual colourways so that the vertical sliding sash windows create a different aesthetic for a home’s external and internal design. Click here to learn more about our vertical sliding sash windows colour options.

Vertical Sliding Sash Window Prices

Customise your vertical sliding sash windows and get a price today. Sign up as a trade partner and receive a collection of benefits, including a dedicated account manager and a reliable supply of vertical sliding sash windows with fast lead times. Learn more about our customisation options by calling us on 03332 412 240 or filling out our online contact form. If you’re a homeowner, find your local Quickslide installer here.

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What Customisation Options Are There for Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

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