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How To Replace Sash Windows

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Learning how to replace sash windows doesn’t have to be complicated. With Quickslide, homeowners can easily find replacement sash windows that are manufactured with modern techniques and technologies that can provide all kinds of benefits to a contemporary or traditional home. Plus, for traders looking to replace their old supply of sash windows, Quickslide can also provide a comprehensive trade program to help you start installing our modern windows across the UK. There are plenty of reasons to replace sash windows that have been installed for decades, especially with new regulations being introduced. Replacing your windows with modern ones could raise the energy efficiency and safety of your home, and the newly installed sash windows could also raise the value of your property.

We recommend contacting your local installer for window sash replacement to ensure a good fit and to prevent cold draughts or leaks from creeping into your home. Our easy to use find an installer button on our website can make it easy to find the closest one to you. All it needs is your postcode to get started. If you’re a new installer and want to learn how to replace sash windows in-depth, check out our installation guides on our website.

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Benefits Of uPVC Window Sash Replacement

Energy Efficient

It’s a good idea to replace sash windows with new modern uPVC sash windows just for the incredible energy efficiency contemporary windows provide. With bespoke double glazing, our window sash replacements can help retain natural heat within a home, leading to less heat escaping and being wasted. The glazing accomplishes this by trapping heat between the two panes, preventing it from escaping through the glass. Homeowners could even save on their energy bills by not needing to rely as often on their central heating systems to keep themselves warm and comfortable. As a by-product of using less energy, customers could also reduce their carbon footprint!

Want to replace sash windows in a traditional home but don’t want to miss out on that heritage aesthetic? Fret not—with Quickslide, we can provide a wide range of authenticity features, including slim midrails, 90-degree joints, woodgrain foils, run-through horns, and more!


Old sash windows will likely need to be replaced because they are made with less refined materials. Window sash replacement today can be done with a variety of new materials like plastic, steel, and aluminium. uPVC is an excellent modern material to replace sash windows with due to it having a high amount of strength while also having the ability to be coloured in a vast range of hues and shades. Replace sash windows with our uPVC models, and you’ll benefit from highly durable frames that can withstand all kinds of weather with tight weather seals that could prevent draughts and leaks.

uPVC sash windows can last for decades without having their colours or foils fade, so by installing our windows, homeowners could benefit from gorgeous designs without needing another window sash replacement for years to come.

Energy-efficient uPVC sash windows with 1.2 U-value, promoting insulation and comfort.

Low Maintenance

Most older sash windows are made from timber, which can not only warp but usually needs to be sanded, repainted, varnished, or repaired quite often. Install window sash replacements made with new uPVC alternatives, and customers can enjoy reduced upkeep with much lower maintenance costs. There’s no need to repaint, sand, or varnish uPVC sash windows, and thanks to the robust profile, they can resist warping much better than traditional timber. Additionally, the hidden chambers inside the profile make the uPVC profile fantastic at retaining heat alongside the double glazing.

Slimmer Sightlines

If you replace sash windows with a new installation, it could also give homeowners the opportunity to flood their homes with natural light, as newer uPVC manufacturing technologies and techniques can lead to slimmer yet sturdier frames that provide larger panes of glass without compromising security or structural integrity. Any home could benefit from more natural light throughout the day, leading to less reliance on indoor lighting.

Quickslide can provide a range of different glass types, including laminated glass and varied styles of obscuring glass so that your window sash replacements can give you the privacy you desire or the increased safety you need.

Why Choose Quickslide For Window Sash Replacement

  • Industry Expertise
  • Customization Options
  • Security Assurance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Fade-Resistant Finishes
  • Professional Support

Quickslide is a leading supplier and manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors. We can supply tradespeople across the UK with bespoke double glazed sash windows in various styles, colours, and foils. We understand that safety and security are essential factors to homeowners and installers alike, which is why our range is manufactured with leading locking systems and can come with laminated or obscuring glass for further protection.

By replacing sash windows with our leading designs, customers and homeowners alike can benefit from increased energy efficiency, low maintenance frames that can resist warping for decades, and beautiful colours that won’t fade or need to be repainted or foiled. Replace your old windows today with new uPVC sash windows by Quicklide.

Sash Window Prices

Get a price for new uPVC sash windows with Quickslide today by submitting your window specifications. Contact our team via our contact form, or email us at It’s easy to find your local installer for a window sash replacement with the tool on our website. Become a trade partner today and work with us to replace sash windows across the UK to keep homes efficient and safe.

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What material are Quickslide replacement sash windows made from?

All of our sash window replacements are crafted from high-quality uPVC.

Can I replace my wooden windows with uPVC?

Yes, our uPVC windows can replace timber windows while maintaining the appearance of wood with our extensive range of authenticity features and woodgrain foils. If you live within a heritage or conservation area, we recommend getting in touch with your local planning officer. 

What sash window styles can you replace?

Our sash windows can be styled into a range of period designs, including the popular Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian window types.

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How To Replace Sash Windows

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