What Sash Window Styles Are Available With Quickslide?

What Sash Window Styles Are Available With Quickslide?

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As a supplier of sash windows for almost 20 years, Quickslide has built up a wide range of sash window styles available to suit all sorts of projects! Whether you are looking for authentic looking Georgian sash windows, sash windows with cutting edge security features, or just a unique colour combination, we could be the right choice for you.

Discover below what sash window styles are available with Quickslide, or request a price now on our website.

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Georgian Sash Windows

While our sash windows are made using modern uPVC, we still have traditional Georgian sash window styles available. This style of sash window is noted for its long lasting heritage and “six over six” design, which means that the top and bottom sash glazing is split up by strips known as astragal bars (or Georgian bars).

We use a uniquely styled astragal bar that is distinctly part of Quickslide’s range.

Victorian Sash Windows

For clearer sightlines, Victorian sash windows are a traditional style that typically has a single astragal bar splitting the pane of glass in two. As larger glass units became more readily available in the 19th century, complete Georgian grids were no longer needed. 

white upvc Victorian sliding sash window

Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian sash window styles are distinctly noticeable via their glass pane layout. This sash window style combines the aesthetics of both Georgian and Victorian, with multiple panes split by astragal bars on the top sash and an unobstructed pane of glass on the bottom sash.  

White uPVC Edwardian style sliding sash window

Arched Sash Windows

For those looking for a more unique look, arched sash window styles are available with Quickslide! We supply our arched windows to order, and their profile is made at a designated profile bending facility for high levels of precision. This style has the top sash beautifully curved to create a softer, more natural aesthetic for properties. 

We can provide our arched sash windows with any of the above pane styles alongside a massive collection of RAL colours. 

Arched sliding sash windows near me

Authentic Or Modern Styles

Quickslide has a collection of optional features to create more authentic style sash windows

Typically, uPVC sash windows are created with 45-degree corner welds that give away their modern production. However, at Quickslide, we can supply our woodgrain foil sash windows with mechanical joints which replace the 45-degree corner welds with authentic looking 90-degree joints like those found on traditional timber windows. Alternatively, we can also provide seamless welds for an uninterrupted colour scheme, which works in tandem with our colour matching wool pile strips for an excellent finish.

Additionally, we can also provide a classic ovolo shaped weather bar, a deep bottom rail, and mechanically jointed run through horns, which form a continuous extension of the top sash just like on traditional timber counterparts. 

With these features and woodgrain foils, our sash windows could be the perfect replacement for conservation area homes, although we recommend discussing any installation with the local planning officer first. 

For a more modern style, we can also offer Avia Smart Hardware, which lets homeowners monitor their sliding sash windows with Avia Smart Handles. Plus, our easy tilt and slide facility is available for those looking for added cleaning convenience. 

authentic white Edwardian style uPVC sash windows

Colour Options

One of the most critical decisions when it comes to a sash windows style is its colour scheme. Here at Quickslide, we understand that every home, homeowner, and project can be entirely unique. That is why we can supply all of our sash window styles from arched top to flat, Georgian to Victorian, with almost any colour scheme thanks to our bespoke colour bonding service.

Gain inspiration for how to use colours to create unique aesthetics and styles with sash windows here on our website.

Why Choose Quickslide For Sash Windows?

  • In-house Manufacturing
  • Reliable Supply
  • Fast Lead Times
  • Wide Range of Styles
  • Trade Partnership Benefits
  • Ten-Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Customization Options

We manufacture all of our sash windows in-house. By choosing Quickslide, you can receive a reliable supply of long lasting and stylish windows that can truly look the part. Because we manufacture each of our styles in-house, we can have more control over our fast lead times and can cater to a wide range of requirements. 

By becoming a trade partner, not only will you be able to benefit from our wide array of sash window styles, but you’ll also receive a dedicated account manager, a ten-year manufacturer guarantee, and much more! Click here to discover how Quickslide can help your business.

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Sash Window Prices

Sign up as a trade partner and get a price for any of our sash window styles today. Learn more about the sash window styles available at Quickslide by calling us at 03332 412 240 or using our contact form, and an expert member of our team will be in touch.

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What Sash Window Styles Are Available With Quickslide?

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