Customize Your Sash Windows: Classic or Contemporary Styles

A Comprehensive Guide to Sash Window Styles and Designs

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At Quickslide, we can provide a wide range of sash window styles and designs. Our customisation options include a broad collection of hardware choices, glazing upgrades, optional features, and colour schemes, and to top it off, every single window is made to measure. But what are the most popular sash window styles? What makes a classic sash window versus a contemporary sash window?

Find out how to customise our sash windows to create a unique style below! Or find an installer now on our website to get started.

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Popular Styles

Quickslide can provide a wide range of additional features to help create a unique look or replicate a classic style. No matter how these sash windows are customised, they can all offer similar high energy efficiency and great performance. For some inspiration, check out these timeless examples:

Victorian & Georgian

A two over two panel grid design can combine with our run through sash horns and woodgrain foils to create a traditional Victorian style. With the addition of the 90-degree mechanical joints and deep bottom rail, these sash windows can look the part while providing high, long-lasting performance.

Or swap out the two-by-two glazing for six over six to go for a more Georgian style instead. Compared to real timber, our uPVC sash windows can last for decades with only minimal maintenance while still replicating the traditional material. The woodgrain foils and colours we use are designed to retain their vibrant hue come rain or shine, and they would prevent the need for repainting, sanding, or varnishing.

Classic Woodgrains

The woodgrains we use for our sash windows can accurately mimic the look and feel of real timber, and we have all sorts of finishes available. A darker shade, such as Rosewood or black ash, can blend with a Victorian aesthetic to create a classy and mature look. Our golden oak or cream grain can harmonise with a natural environment for a cosy and welcoming entrance to a home.

Get more inspiration by reading up on our robust and authentic woodgrains on our website.

Contemporary Features

  • Tilt facility for easier and safer cleaning of sashes
  • Quick release tilt arms for easy removal of sashes without screws or bolts
  • Avia Smart Hardware or PAS 24 upgrade for enhanced security
  • Custom glazing options including obscured and laminated glass

If our sash windows need to suit a more contemporary property, then check out our extensive collection of optional modern features! The tilt facility that comes as standard on most of our sash windows can make it easier and safer to clean the sashes, and the quick release tilt arms offer the ability to remove both sashes without any complex screws or bolts.

Choose Avia Smart Hardware or opt for a PAS 24 upgrade for total peace of mind. These modern security features can keep homes safe from unwanted visitors. For added comfort and privacy, we also have a range of custom glazing, including obscured and laminated glass. These modern glazing options can help to suppress sound, creating a quieter home that can remain undisturbed by noisy neighbours or traffic.

Modern Colours

Gone are the days of plain white uPVC sash windows! We have 13 stock colourways to suit all sorts of creative visions. The varied stock colour range offers many popular choices, from the traditional Chartwell green and creams to black and anthracite grey. 

Each shade is designed to resist all sorts of intense weather elements and can maintain its vibrance without cracking or fading. Even after years of exposure, so long as the sash windows are occasionally cleaned, they can look and perform at their best.

Bespoke Colour Bonding

At Quickslide, we can create our sash windows in almost any conceivable hue! Our bespoke colour bonding service can help homeowners get the perfect look for their homes. We can even create unique colours in a smooth or woodgrain finish to suit all sorts of needs. To learn more about our colour bonding services, call us today at 03332 412 240, or send us an email at!

Dual Designs

We can also provide our sash windows with unique designs on the exterior and interior for a totally new way to customise a home. Create a mature and regal style on the outside while letting your inner child out with bright and vibrant hues on the inside or maintain a heritage aesthetic while still getting to furnish the interior of a home with contemporary interior design. With Quickslide, the combinations can be almost limitless.

Hardware & Glazing

Add the perfect finishing touch to any sash window with our extensive options of both modern and heritage-style hardware. All our heritage hardware can maintain the authentic period style while being durable and easy to use. Just like with the frames and sashes, every piece of hardware within our collection is available in a range of finishes designed to blend in beautifully with the overall design.

Sash Window Prices

Start designing your sash windows today and get a price in just a few clicks on our website. Contact your local installer via our locator tool or register to become a trade partner with our online form. For more information, use our online contact form or call us directly on 03332 412 240.

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