Customizable Sash Windows: Elevate Your Home's Style with Quickslide

Transforming A Home’s Aesthetics with Sash Windows

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With Quickslide, there are plenty of ways to transform a home’s aesthetics with sash windows. We can provide a wide variety of customisation options and authenticity features to help homeowners get the perfect new aesthetic for their homes.

From heritage home aesthetics that resemble traditional timber sash windows to contemporary designs with standout colours, we can supply sash windows that can match almost any style.

Read below to discover some styles and aesthetics we can offer or request a price for our sash windows now with our ‘get a price’ tool.

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What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows are a traditional style of window that is constructed of two ‘sashes’ that slide up and down, with some being able to tilt for easy cleaning and improved airflow. We construct all our sash windows using modern uPVC, which is a durable material that can resist warping and cracking, keeping its form for years with only minimal maintenance.

Sash Window Aesthetics

Sash windows may all function similarly, but they don’t have to look alike! There are a variety of styles that have all been popular choices since their inception back in the 18th century. At Quickslide, we can supply all the sash window types seen below, so there’s no need to compromise between performance, security, and style.

Arched Sash Windows

The arched sash windows that we can supply can completely transform a home’s aesthetics with beautiful curved flowing lines. If contemporary angular and minimalist styles aren’t the right thing for you, then arched sash windows can add a sense of grandeur to any type of property. 

Smaller homes can combine this type of sash window with natural looking colours to create a calming aesthetic that resembles something straight out of a fairy tale. Or larger homes, such as manors and traditional buildings, could go with one of our deeper shades of woodgrain foil and create a timeless regal look. We can produce these sash windows in various sizes, so whether the project is big or small, Quickslide can supply them.

Georgian Aesthetics

Georgian sash windows can provide homes with a classical period aesthetic. Georgian sash windows are recognisable by their ‘six over six’ design, where their panes of glass are separated by astragal bars into six segments on both the top and bottom sashes. Great for heritage homes, we can supply Georgian sash windows with many authentic features such as run through horns, deep bottom rails, and mechanical 90 degree joints.

Victorian Aesthetics

Victorian sash windows are similar to Georgian windows, but they have larger panes of glass with fewer astragal bars. They are recognisable by their ‘two over two’ design, with the top and bottom sash having two panes separated by one astragal bar. This choice could be great for homeowners looking for a clearer view.

Edwardian Aesthetics

Edwardian sash windows combine the best of both worlds, offering a ‘six over two’ design that shows clear heritage inspiration while still providing clear sightlines.

Modern Colours

The easiest way to transform a home’s aesthetic is to change its colour scheme! At Quickslide, we understand that every property is unique, and that’s why we have invested in our expansive collection of RAL colours. Endless popular shades are available that can maintain their vibrant hue for years without the risk of cracking or fading. All it takes is an occasional cleaning with a wet cloth or sponge to keep the sash windows free from dust or dirt to make them look their best.

If we don’t have the right colour to transform your home’s aesthetic, take advantage of our bespoke colour bonding service! We can produce sash windows in almost any colour or hue to match the creative vision of almost any homeowner.

Want only to upgrade the inside of a home’s aesthetics? We also have dual colourways and woodgrains that can maintain a home’s outer shades while letting homeowners create a new internal look. 

Classic Woodgrains

Another way to enhance a home’s aesthetic with our sash windows is to take advantage of our highly accurate woodgrain foils! Our woodgrains are designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real timber, which can make them the perfect choice for homes that need to maintain their heritage style while creating a brand new appearance. We have all sorts of shades available, from black ash to white grain, so whether the home needs to go from light to dark or vice versa, we can have something that fits the bill!

Sash Window Prices

Want to transform a home’s aesthetics with sash windows? Request a price now or call us at 03332 412 240 for more information. For detailed queries, fill out our online contact form or email us at Become a Quickslide trade partner and benefit from marketing and aftersales support from a dedicated account manager or find an installer nearby in just a few clicks. All it takes is a postcode to find someone local in minutes.

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Sandra Berg

Transforming A Homes Aesthetics with Sash Windows

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