Quickslide Sash Windows: Classic Design Meets Modern Technology

Sash Windows: Blending Classic Design with Modern Technology

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At Quickslide, we have supplied sash windows that blend classic design with modern technology for over 15 years. Our sash windows have been created to provide high quality performance while maintaining the heritage feel that sash windows have been offering homes since the 18th century.

Read on to discover how we have innovated sash windows while maintaining their look and feel below or get started by getting a price with us on our website.

Classic Design

We have a whole range of dedicated optional features that can be added to our sash windows to create an authentic classic design for any home. Homeowners can benefit from all our windows’ modern technology and features while still keeping that signature look. We can provide these authenticity features for all styles of sash windows, such as Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian

Interested in something a bit more unique? We can also offer arched sash windows that can help break up a home’s angular profile.

Run Through Horns

One of the first hallmarks of classic sash windows design is run through horns. Run through horns used to be added to reinforce the sash windows’ joints and stop people from opening the sashes too far. However, these days, run through horns have become a purely decorative feature as modern technology has improved the design of sash windows.

As an optional feature for our uPVC sash windows, they can add a sense of classic style to a home that’s instantly recognisable.

Deep Bottom Rail

For those who want their sash windows to look even closer to the authentic classic timber design, a deep bottom rail is also available. Originally used to support the weight of the window, deep bottom rails are entirely for aesthetic purposes these days but can look incredibly convincing when combined with our woodgrain foil options.

Mechanical Joints & Seamless Welds

Perhaps one of the most important classic design features we can offer for our sash windows are the mechanical joints and seamless weld options. Typically, uPVC sash windows have a 45 degree weld at each corner, which is very different from the classic design for which sash windows are known.

Mechanical joints, however, replicate the authentic hand-crafted 90 degree joints seen in traditional sliding sash windows, adding the perfect heritage touch.

Modern Technology

While we have plenty of options to help preserve the classic design of sash windows, we also have made a lot of advancements that can help keep homes safe, warm, and up to date with all modern building regulations.

Double Glazing

All our windows incorporate our bespoke double glazing, which can help enhance a home’s energy efficiency. By trapping heat between the panes of glass, homeowners can stay warm and cosy without the need for expensive heaters or central heating radiators. 

We fill our glazing with argon gas, capable of retaining heat better than regular air for optimised thermal performance. By reducing the amount of energy needed to heat a home throughout the year, homeowners could reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills at the same time. Upgrading to modern windows could be a worthwhile investment to consider if a property still only has single glazed windows.

uPVC Profiles

The biggest change in technology and design is the uPVC profiles we use for all our sash windows. uPVC is a modern, durable, lightweight material, making it a popular choice for all sorts of window and door designs. Unlike timber, uPVC doesn’t splinter and can withstand harsh weather conditions without warping or absorbing moisture.

Trickle Vents

As a new building regulation requirement, trickle vents are an important addition to our authentically designed uPVC sash windows. Trickle vents allow a small amount of airflow even when the sash windows are closed, which helps to reduce condensation buildup, dampness, and mould.

Dual Colourways

One of the newest features now available for our sash windows is dual colourways! Homeowners can keep a calm and sleek outside look while going wild with all sorts of gorgeous shades that show their true personality on the inside. Combined with our bespoke colour bonding service, dual colourways can be an exciting modern technology that lets homeowners showcase their personality better than classic designs ever could.

At Quickslide, we can supply our sash windows in almost any conceivable hue and a massive collection of woodgrain foils. We can even provide dual woodgrain foils, blending classic designs with modern technology in more ways than just hardware!

Sash Window Prices

Get a price today for our sash windows or become a trade partner to benefit from dedicated marketing support, aftersales care, and a reliable sash window supply. Give us a call at 03332 412 240, or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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Sash Windows: Blending Classic Design with Modern Technology

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