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Sash Windows: Customisation Options for a Personalised Touch

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If you’re looking for sash windows that can be customised to suit a wide range of properties and homes, look no further than Quickslide!

At Quickslide, our extensive list of customisation options can add a personal touch to every home. Whether contemporary or classic, our sash windows are designed to provide modern performance without compromising on the authenticity of traditional sash windows.

Discover our sash window customisation options below or get a price today on our website.

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Authentic Sliding Sash Window Design

Despite being made of modern and durable uPVC, our sash windows can come with various authentic customisation options that help them mimic the classic look of timber.

Run Through Horns

As an optional feature for all our sash windows, our run through horns are mechanically jointed to form a continuous part of the top sash. An excellent addition for those that want a classic touch, run through horns can help break up the angular aesthetic of a home’s windows thanks to their smooth curved shape.

Deep Bottom Rail

Authentic history sash windows typically include a deep bottom rail, and we are proud to offer them as a customisation option for our uPVC sash windows. Unlike older traditional sash windows, our modern uPVC sash windows don’t require a deep bottom rail, but it’s there as an option to make the windows look as close as possible to the original. Additionally, Quicklide will soon be able to offer a slim mid-rail for all our sliding sash windows for even more customisation.

Mechanical Joints & Seamless Welds

For next level authenticity, we also offer corner joint customisation options for a personalised touch of traditional style. Typically, uPVC windows come with 45 degree welds that stand out clearly compared to real timber windows. However, we can provide your sash windows with 90 degree mechanical joints like those found on traditional sash windows.

Or we also offer seamless welds that mask the 45-degree welding line for a totally smooth and uninterrupted finish.

Please keep in mind that our mechanical joints and seamless welds are only available for woodgrain sash windows.

Arched Windows

We can even provide our sash windows with a beautifully arched top. This customisation option can transform the face of a property, and the smooth curve can help break up a boxy exterior and create a more natural profile. Combined with our other authenticity options, our arched sash windows can be the final personalised touch for any heritage home.

Colour Options

At Quickslide, we’re proud to offer a huge collection of vibrant fade resistant colours. We can provide everything from a dark Anthracite grey or black for a tall manor to bright and sunny Chartwell green or cream grain for a countryside cottage. But are colour options don’t stop there! We can even offer a bespoke colour bonding service, letting us produce sash windows in nearly any conceivable hue.

Dual Colourways

Another customisation that we offer is our dual colourways. Want a cool and calm grey on the outside but a bright and cheery yellow or blue on the inside? With Quickslide, you can make it happen!

All our colours are designed to withstand external elements, so homes can look their best for years to come without the concern of high maintenance techniques or constant repainting. These colours can continue to make homes shine without cracking, and all it takes to keep the colours vibrant and clear is an occasional wipe down to remove excess dirt or dust.

Avia Smart Hardware

Want to upgrade your windows to the modern age? Uninterested in the classics of yesterday? Then the Avia smart hardware customisation option could be for you. With the Avia smart handles, all it takes to see if the window is open or closed is a quick look at your phone. 

Customisable & Reliable

No matter how you choose to customise your sash windows, they can offer smooth performance and high levels of energy efficiency. Homes can stay warm and cosy without fear of cold draughts or leaks with the help of our weather resistant features. Plus, with colour matched wool piles, our sash windows can help homes look their best while providing incredible levels of protection against wind, rain, and cold.

Learn more about our sash windows’ standard and optional features here on our website. Additionally, discover how sash windows work here.

Sash Window Prices

Interested in our sash window customisation options? Request a price using our online pricing tool, contact us for more information at 03332 412 240 or fill out our online form. Find a local installer via our locator tool; all it takes is a postcode to get started, and we can help you get in contact with an installer of our customisable sash windows. Or, become a trade partner today and benefit from extensive marketing and aftersales support.

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Sash Windows: Customisation Options for a Personalised Touch

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