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Slim Midrail for uPVC Sash Windows – Coming March 2024!

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As a leader in the window and door industry, we’re set to redefine the standards of sliding sash windows with the launch of our latest innovation – the slim midrail. Measuring a mere 37mm, this new midrail option is a game-changer! 10mm slimmer than its standard counterpart, it’s considered more authentic, matching the midrail on traditional Victorian sash windows. Scheduled for release in March 2024, we can’t wait to share our latest development with trade partners and homeowners nationwide! Since Quickslide was formed almost 20 years ago, we’ve been dedicated to manufacturing authentic sliding sash windows, and the new slim midrail makes it even harder to tell that our uPVC windows are not, in fact, traditional timber sash windows.

Streamlined Elegance

Our commitment to sleek design and traditional aesthetics is unmistakable in the slim midrail, and the reduced width of 37mm brings a timeless elegance to our sliding sash windows. Homeowners seeking a subtle yet impactful upgrade to their home will find our double glazed sliding sash windows with the new slim midrail the perfect solution, seamlessly blending innovation with traditional charm. The slim midrail will be available for all of our vertical slider variations, such as Edwardian windows, Victorian windows, and Georgian windows.

The slim midrail stands as a symbol of Quickslide’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, providing homeowners and trade partners alike with a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. This expertly crafted feature elevates the aesthetics of the sliding sash windows and improves the overall appeal of any home.

Authentic looking uPVC sash window close up with run through horns and slim midrail

Unobstructed Views

One of the standout features of the slim midrail is its ability to maximise the glass area, providing homeowners with enhanced views of the outdoors and greater natural light infusion. The 10mm reduction in midrail width to 37mm ensures that the window frames become much more subtle, allowing more sunlight to flood the living spaces and offering unobstructed views of the surroundings.

A Popular Range of Colours

In addition to its sleek design, the slim midrail will be available in a carefully curated selection of colours. Quickslide understands the importance of customisation, and while the range of colours offered as part of the initial launch will be limited, the options available match our current top-selling colours. The slim midrail has been developed with our most popular finishes in mind to ensure homeowners don’t have to sacrifice stunning colours for heritage appeal.

We’re proud to be able to offer our sliding sash windows in a range of colours, whether a heritage or modern style is required. Homeowners can choose from options like the ever-popular grained white to a contemporary grey.

light grey uPVC sash windows with blinds image from outside with authentic looking traditional design and slim midrail

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Quickslide remains committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. The slim midrail has been designed with these principles in mind, creating a traditional aesthetic without reducing energy efficiency. For increased insulation, the slim midrail will feature multiple chambers inside the profile, just like the rest of the sash window. Homeowners can embrace heritage windows without compromising their carbon footprint or significantly increasing energy bills. 

One of the critical features enhancing energy efficiency is the precision in the construction of the sash window frames. Paired with the skill of our expert production team, we’re proud to offer A-rated secondary glazed sash windows as standard, with a U-value of 1.4 W/m²K. Our new slim midrail has been carefully designed to add a more authentic touch to our Legacy sliding sash windows without negatively impacting energy efficiency.

Upcoming Investments

Our slim midrail isn’t the only upcoming development for 2024. We’ve got plenty of innovation in store. From refined run-through sash horns, which will also launch in March this year, to over £1 million dedicated to new automated machinery. The refined sash horns and the 37mm slim midrail will make our double glazed sash windows even more authentic than ever before. The visible difference between our PVCu vertical sliders and traditional timber frames will be very subtle, making our windows ideal for heritage properties.

refined run through sash horns and new slim midrail

Paige Pipe

Slim Midrail for uPVC Sash Windows Coming March 2024!

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