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PVCu Sliding Sash Windows

From £194 excluding VAT
Finance available

  • A rated as standard
  • Wood grain or smooth finish
  • Choose any RAL colour
  • Secured By Design available

Design your PVCu Sliding Sash window

Easy Clean Facility

Our sliding sash windows come with a easy clean tilt facility as standard*, which allows both top and bottom sash to tilt inwards and as far as cleaning them is concerned, there’s no reason to step outside. You can easily give them a quick wipe down with a cloth and get them gleaming again.

To ensure you fully understand the benefits of our tilt facility we have created a short video that you can view here

* Excludes wood grain external and white internal windows do not have this facility

Decorative Sash Horns

Originally a functional feature of timber sash windows they were designed to strengthen the mortice and tenon joints and prevent the sashes being opened too far. Modern windows no longer require them but they can be optionally specified to give the visual appearance of traditional timber box sash windows.

Optional Run-through

The run through sculpted horns, an alternative decorative sash horn feature, are actually incorporated into the side of the top sash window creating a highly authentic and sympathetic feel similar to traditional wooden sash windows. This option replaces the ‘plant on’ decorative sash horn and actually incorporates the sculptured horn into the side jamb of the top sash just as you would expect of a timber sash window.

Optional Plant-on

Used to add an original feel to the sash window, plan on horns allow a traditional feel with a modern edge and are sympathetically designed to give the window a further decorative detail indicative of an original sash design. They originally played a vital restrictive role in terms of ensuring that the window couldn’t be opened too far to prevent damage to the weights, however, nowadays we utilise it more as a way of giving the window a further authentic touch.

Deep Bottom Rail

Looking for an even greater degree of authenticity for heritage? Our deep bottom rail design is now available with the added benefit of improved visual aesthetic appeal. The bottom rail greatly complements other finely engineered aesthetic details such as our run-through sash horns.

Secured by Design

SBD focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products, including windows and doors.

  1. Upgraded locking catch fixed directly in to the sash reinforcement
  2. Upgraded locking keep fixed in to the internal beading in four places
  3. Security blocks fitted to the top sash to stop lateral force being used to push the sash inwards
  4. Additional reinforcement in the outer frame channels
  5. Reinforced tilt latches to top and bottom sashes
  6. Laminated glass

Please note that the ‘Secured By Design’ window is not standard and must be requested as part of the window specification.

Energy Efficient


The glass specification is the most significant component when affecting the windows overall thermal efficiency. Each sliding sash window is supplied as standard with 24mm double glazed units incorporating Edgetech’s TruePlas spacer bar and manufactured in accordance with British Standards.

All Quickslide sliding sash windows are A rated as standard with U-values ranging from 1.6 w/m2k to 1.4 w/m2k, which achieves an impressive A(+11).

Hardware Options

We provide a choice of handles to complement your window and home. Each option is in keeping with the traditional look and feel of a sash window.

Sash Lock & Keep

Fitted as standard, the sash lock and keep are the main security feature of the sliding sash window and are used to secure the top and bottom sash together so that the property within which the windows are installed is firmly protected.

Tilt Buttons

Fitted as standard, these buttons facilitate a lateral operation to allow the top and bottom sash to tilt inwards for cleaning.

Lift Hooks

Supplied as standard, the lift hooks are in most cases fitted to the bottom rail of the bottom sash and designed to help the customer lift the bottom sash up and down.


Optional D-Handles

The ‘D-Handle’ is an optional product and its purpose is to aid the operation of the window in sliding it upwards and downwards. There isn’t a specific place for a D-Handle on a sash window, however, the underside of the top sash externally and the top rail of the top sash internally are the two most popular positions.

Optional Ring Pulls

The ring pull is another optional hardware addition for our sash window products and alternative hardware option to the D-handle. This item is primarily designed to help slide the top sash downwards.

Fitting it yourself? If the window is less than 1000mm wide you will only be provided with 1 ring pull, above 1000mm and you will receive 2.

Optional Safety Restrictors

The primary purpose of the safety restrictors is to limit how far the top and bottom sashes slide up and down. When active the window cannot open more than 100mm.

The restrictors can be over-ridden should you have the need to open the window to its full capacity, however the restrictors are designed to re-engage when the window is opened meaning that you can never forget to turn them back on.

Glazing Bar Options

From surface mounted glazing bars to spacer bar colour, we provide a choice of glazing options to complement your window and home. Each option is in keeping with the traditional look and feel of a sash windows.

Astragal Bar

The astragal bar option is designed to give the effect of individual panes of glass by using a ‘back-to-back spacer’ inside the glass unit first of all splitting the single unit into multiple squares without the need for individual units.

Once this grid layout has been included inside the glass unit and the unit fitted into the window, we then fix a surface mounted PVCu bar to both external faces of the glass unit to give the full authentic appearance.

Back-to-back spacer located inside the glass unit. Surface bars applied to the internal and external faces of the glass unit.

Internal Fret

The Internal fretwork is another type of glazing bar used to give an authentic look to the sliding sash windows. This bar is located inside the glass unit and is used to give the window a similar appearance to the astragal bar but with much easier cleaning.

Located inside the glass unit only, available in 18mm and 25mm options.

Spacer Bar Colours

The spacer bar located inside the double glazed unit plays a vital role in the overall aesthetics of the product.

The spacer bar used is a warm edge version designed to significantly decrease the amount of energy lost through the glazing, however you are now able to choose what colour spacer bar you would like.

The options currently available are; grey, white and black.