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What Are the Best Sliding Sash Windows?

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Sliding sash windows have been a staple for UK homes ever since their initial introduction all the way back in the 17th century. Their look has developed since then, but the classic vertical sliding sash window has endured as one of the most popular window styles for new and old builds alike.

But what makes a good sash window versus a bad one? What strides have been made to improve them over the years? What are the best sliding sash windows, and what features or benefits can they provide a home?

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Energy Efficiency

One of the critical elements for any window type, especially sash windows, is energy efficiency. Keeping a home warm and comfortable is integral for any homeowner, as no matter how gorgeous the window may look, if it lets heat escape from the home, its appearance won’t be enough to curb frustrations during the winter.

At Quickslide, our uPVC sash windows are designed to provide incredible thermal efficiency with bespoke double glazing that can reach U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K. Plus, instead of air between our panes of glass, we use argon gas, which allows our sash windows to achieve an ‘A’ energy rating. Homeowners can enjoy a cosy home any time of year with the help of our efficient sash windows.

Safe & Secure

Just like with energy efficiency, the best vertical sliders need to be able to keep homes safe & secure. A homeowner should feel safe within their property, which is why we take the security of our sash windows seriously. 

Our security systems are designed to achieve excellent levels of protection without compromising on the simple-to-use design of our sash windows. They come with durable sash fasteners designed to keep the sashes in locked position, and our PAS 24 upgrade package can grant even more robust advanced security. The durable uPVC frames are multichambered for added strength, which, when combined with the 24mm double-glazing, leads to a sash window that can keep homes safe without getting in the way of simplistic and smooth performance or style.

Weather Performance

The best double glazed sash windows should be able to withstand all sorts of adverse weather conditions in the UK. Profiles that falter in the face of strong winds or intense rainfall won’t last the test of time, and their sliding performance and vibrant lustre will quickly fade.

This is why at Quickslide, we put our windows through tough weather tests to ensure they can surpass the standards required by law. Our vertical sliding windows provide excellent weather performance through elements built into the design of the windows so that they provide a seamless addition to a home without getting in the way of day-to-day use. Our wool pile strips provide an excellent seal against external elements and are colour-matched to blend in with the rest of the window frames. 

Even after the weather conditions that Britain is known for, the tilt and slide facility that our sash windows come with makes it easy to perform simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning away dirt or watermarks that may emerge after heavy rainfall.

Bespoke Colourways

While excellent performance is the first step in finding some of the best sliding sash windows on the market, the sash window’s visual appearance cannot be forgotten. After all, beautiful aesthetics are what makes every home unique and can be one of the best ways for homeowners to reflect their personality and tastes. Without the ability to provide sash windows that complement the homeowner’s existing style, they may go elsewhere, even if they like the functionality and statistics of sliding sash windows.

This is why at Quickslide, we have worked diligently to procure an incredible colour range, which offers all sorts of hues from classic agate grey to modern anthracite grey. We can also offer stunning woodgrain foils that mimic the appearance and feel of traditional timber, so even a classic home can blend beautifully with our modern sash windows. 

Additionally, we are pleased to provide dual colourways for homeowners who enjoy a classic outer look while maintaining a contemporary internal aesthetic. Find out more about our dual colourways and options on our website.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

We believe in the quality of our secondary glazed sash windows, which is why we offer a comprehensive manufacturing guarantee of up to 10 years as standard for all our uPVC sash windows. Our sash windows can be marketed towards homeowners with the reassurance that they can last for potentially decades with only minimal maintenance requirements. 

By becoming a Quickslide trade partner, you can install some of the best sash windows, which offer beautiful colours, robustness, and high-grade energy efficiency. Register to become a trade partner on our website today.

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