What's the Difference Between Sash Windows and Casement Windows?

What Is the Difference Between Sliding Sash Windows and Casement Windows?

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Sliding sash windows and casement windows are popular choices for modern and traditional homes across the UK. But what is the difference between sliding sash windows and casement windows? 

Initially, most people would say the fundamental difference between the two is how they function. But there are more subtle differences between the two that could influence the decision you make!

Discover the benefits of sliding sash windows and casement windows below or request a price today on our website.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are an incredibly popular choice for many modern homeowners. Traditionally casement windows were designed to be opened using a small crank handle but nowadays the casement windows we manufacture are opened using an inline handle which turns at a 45-degree angle allowing the sash to be released from the locking keep. Casement windows typically come with sashes in the form of top openers or side openers. 

These windows are a popular choice for contemporary homes as they offer a sleek and simple look that provides an expansive opening for great air flow. 

At Quickslide, we offer aluminium and uPVC casement windows that all come with a comprehensive manufacturing guarantee for total peace of mind. Each type of casement window we provide is designed to have slim sightlines and high-performance double glazing so that homes can stay warm and dry while offering excellent unobstructed views. Certain systems such as the slim-line aluminium window has been designed to carry slim 47mm frames and others with sashes that finish flush with the frame. If you’re unsure which casement window system is right for you, our devoted team are on hand to help. 

Sliding Sash Windows

Older sliding sash windows used to use a series of cords and weights to allow them to slide smoothly up and down. However, modern sliding sash windows use more contemporary balance springs ‘hidden’ within channels of the outer frame for a smooth, sleek, and uninterrupted aesthetic.

The primary difference between sliding sash windows and casement windows is that sliding sash windows have top and bottom sashes that don’t rely on hinges for their opening and closing functions. Quickslide’s sliding sash windows slide upwards with a tilting facility that makes it easy to clean your windows from inside the home without having to deal with awkward angles. Casement windows don’t typically have this tilting ability, which can make cleaning the outer panes and frames quite a challenge.

Quickslide provides energy efficient sliding sash windows that have been weather tested and are available with enhanced security features and the option to upgrade to a PAS24 security package. They can reach an impressive ‘A’ rating for thermal efficiency, with U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K. Just like our casement windows, our sliding sash windows also come with our manufacturing guarantee.

For more information about how sliding sash windows function, check out our quick guide here. Or you can discover more of our sliding sash windows on our website and find your local installer in just a few clicks.

Bespoke Colour Options

At Quickslide, we are proud to offer an incredible range of beautiful colourways for our uPVC casement and sliding sash windows. Our finishes have been carefully curated to match a massive variety of home styles. For traditional or conservation homes, we can offer accurate woodgrain foils that mimic the look and feel of real timber.

Our colour range includes all the classics, such as black ash, white grain, Chartwell green, and many more! Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated and modern appeal or a more traditional aesthetic, you can make it happen with Quickslide.

We can also offer our sliding sash windows with dual colourways to allow for unique home aesthetics on the inside and outside. Homeowners can maintain their heritage outer aesthetic, while enjoying modern interior styles.

Discover more about our extensive colour options and inspiration on what colour window frames to choose from on our website here.

Which To Choose?

Both window types have an incredible amount of customisation and hardware options that allow them to suit a variety of properties and aesthetics. However, the critical factor to consider when choosing between sliding sash windows and casement windows is the type of function you prefer.

Sliding sash windows can provide a smooth and straightforward operation that can grant excellent air ventilation when open and reliable weather resistance when closed. Additionally, their easy cleaning functionality allows them to look their best without much difficulty, and the durable uPVC profile Quickslide can prevent the need for high maintenance upkeep.

Casement windows that come with a crank can also offer smooth operation, but they also come with the possibility of getting stuck or having the small handle broken. Modern double-glazed windows from Quickslide come with best-in-class hardware to avoid such issues. 

Sliding Sash Window Prices

Find a price for our energy efficient sliding sash windows today, or discover your local installer using our online tool. Call us for more information at 03332 412 240 or email us at sales@quickslide.co.uk. Leave your details with our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Become a trade partner with the program on our website and start providing our high performance windows.

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