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What Colour Window Frames To Choose?

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As every homeowner has unique tastes and personalities, deciding what colour window frame suits your property best can be challenging. Your choice may change depending on the location, style, and size of the property. Trends and tastes can change over the years, but you want window frames that can last for decades. What is the best colour window frame to choose?

The answer depends on a few factors, such as the size and style of your home. A traditional home would likely suit windows with a woodgrain foil or perhaps a shade of green or off-white. Meanwhile, a modern home could benefit best from a chic black or elegant series of grey shades. Smaller properties within the countryside or those with exposed stone walls could match nicely with naturally brown or green shades to match better with nature.

Below we have described a few popular choices to help you consider the best colour window frame to suit your property.

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Environmental Chartwell Green

Green is a lovely choice that can set your house apart from those around you while blending nicely with the natural environment. Our Chartwell green shades can grant a home a softer tone, which could be perfect for older properties or cottages within the countryside.

White Grain

Even though uPVC typically comes in a shade of white usually, there are plenty of other shades of white and finishes to choose from. Though most modern homes use white, this simplistic colour can blend well with basically any property. White could be the perfect option for those looking to highlight other home features, as they can remain clean looking and elegant without drawing too much attention. They can also make a fantastic contrast to a darker building to help it stand out for the opposite effect.


When in doubt, nothing beats a timeless classic. Black window frames can bring a sense of sophistication and class to your property. They can combine with a series of different hardware colours and finishes to suit multiple styles. Plus, it can be an excellent choice whether you live in a modern or classic style home.

It can also be easy to incorporate new black uPVC windows into an existing property without refurbishing the entire building’s windows and doors, which is another reason to consider black as a colour for your new window frames.

Modern Anthracite Grey

For the best of both worlds, why not opt for one of our elegant grey shades like anthracite grey? Grey is a good choice if you’d like varying shades between your windows and doors. The darker shades can exude the same classiness and mystery as black, and the lighter shades can provide the dynamic contrast of white.

Grey can be just as easy to incorporate as black while providing even more options that can match your existing windows, doors, or conservatories.

Classic Woodgrain Foils

If you want to maintain the classic look of timber windows with your next installation, why not consider our vast collection of woodgrain foils? We have 15 standard woodgrain colourways to pick from, and by choosing a woodgrain foiled finish, you can bring your windows to life with a glossy, realistic timber effect. Our gorgeous woodgrains come in a variety of shades, from Irish and golden oak to nut tree and black ash, so there are plenty of choices to pick from to match a wide variety of properties.

Quickslide’s uPVC sliding sash windows can be manufactured to include deep bottom rails and seamless welds for an even more authentic looking window that can mimic real timber to the closest scrutiny. Or we also offer an upgrade to mechanical joints that replace the 45 degree weld with 90 degree joints as found on real timber windows.

Our woodgrain foils are manufactured to be robust and long-lasting while remaining low maintenance. Gain the elegance of traditional timber with all the benefits uPVC provides with Quickslide.

Dual Colourways

Want to maintain the heritage style of your home, but have a modern indoor aesthetic? Then check out our new dual colourways that can give homeowners the best of both worlds. Quickslide can even provide the unique option of dual interior and exterior authentic woodgrain colour schemes, like having golden oak and Irish oak on the outside while having a smooth white or agate grey on the inside.

uPVC Window Prices

Find the perfect colour window frame with Quickslide today, and enjoy a vast selection of colour and foil options for our high efficiency uPVC windows. Request a price by giving us your specifications here, or find your local installer to start your next project.

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