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Window Colour Ideas

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Replacing sash windows doesn’t have to be complicated. With Quickslide, homeowners can easily find Usually, uPVC windows come with a standard smooth white finish. For homeowners looking for something more unique, it can be difficult to find windows that offer incredible performance and a high level of customisation. Quickslide is proud to provide modern uPVC windows that can be coloured in a wide variety of colours and woodgrain foils to match almost any property. Our uPVC windows come with durable, weather-resistant frames and leading security locks, and they can spark the imagination with colour ideas thanks to our bespoke colour and dual colour services.

Learn more about our uPVC sliding sash windows, and discover your local installer today to start making your window colour ideas a reality.

Modern Colours

At Quickslide, we can provide our uPVC sliding sash windows in a wide range of colours, including stunning agate and anthracite greys that can bring a modern look to any property. Various other shades of grey are available, and for those in need of more natural looking colours, we can also offer beautiful creams and Chartwell greens. Our calming shades could be perfect for those homes within environmentally friendly areas.

We craft our colours to be robust enough to withstand all kinds of UK weather conditions. Unlike timber windows, our uPVC windows don’t need to be sanded, varnished, or repainted. Customers can enjoy windows that could last for decades with minimal upkeep without having their colours or foils fade over time.

Plus, your window colours can be further enhanced thanks to our colour-matching woolpile. These strips provide excellent seals against rain and wind, so homeowners can benefit from windows that look great and offer fantastic weather protection. If you’d like to install our uPVC windows and take advantage of our extensive supply of colours and woodgrain foils, become a trade partner today.

Classic Woodgrain Foils

For more window colour ideas, discover our authentic, stunning woodgrain foils. Whatever the age or style of the property you’re looking to install, you could find the style to suit it with Quickslide. Our woodgrain foils could make a great choice for those living within heritage or conservation areas thanks to their robust and long lasting construction.

The uPVC windows we offer could make an excellent low maintenance alternative to traditional timber windows. Especially with our 90 degree joints, deep bottom rails, and optional run-through horns, homeowners could enjoy authentic-looking windows with all the benefits of modern materials when you install our Quickslide’s uPVC windows. Alternatively, we can offer seamless welds for customers looking for windows with a superior, uninterrupted finish.

We are proud to provide fast lead times for all our classic woodgrain foils thanks to our own woodgrain facility. Plus, for those in need of larger installations, we can even offer our accurate woodgrain foils on our bifold doors as well for matching harmony between windows and doors. These foils feature a grained finish, making them feel like wood for an even more genuine product.

Bespoke Colours For Sash Windows

We’re pleased to offer our bespoke colour service for those looking for even more personalised windows. Virtually any colour can be produced for our windows and doors, including colours from the RAL collection. By choosing Quickslide, you can rest assured that you can customise your windows with almost any colour idea you can think of. All of our available bespoke colours can be requested in either a smooth or wood effect finish, so whether you need a contemporary look or something more traditional, Quickslide can cover it.

If you’d like to discuss the possibilities of matching an existing colour scheme for your new uPVC windows, give us a call at 03332 412 240, or fill out our online contact form today.

New Colour Ideas With Dual Colourways

For even more colour ideas, we can provide dual colourways that could give properties the best of both worlds. Your customers can enjoy contemporary colours indoors while maintaining their home’s traditional aesthetic. Dual colourways could make a good choice for those who don’t want to stray away from the more traditional looks that we’re known to provide but still want to benefit from a contemporary indoor living space.

The dual colourways are even available for our woodgrain foils so that homeowners can enjoy a blend of authentic feeling windows in a new and unique mixture of styles.

Siding Sash Window Prices

Ask for a price today for our colourful uPVC windows either by submitting your specifications here on our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with an expert member of our team by giving us a call at 03332 412 240 or by sending us an email at sales@quickslide.co.uk. If you want to become a trade partner, discover our program and contact us. You can also get in touch via our online contact form.

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