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Ways To Maintain Sliding Sash Windows

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At Quickslide, we’re leading manufacturers and suppliers of traditional style sash windows. Our uPVC vertical sliders can be an excellent replacement for properties looking to enhance their energy efficiency without compromising the heritage aesthetic. 

But after replacing sash windows, it’s important to know how to maintain them to keep them looking their best. Below, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide on ways to maintain our sash windows. If you’re interested in our supply of uPVC sliding sash windows, then request a price now and become a Quickslide trade partner

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Safety First

When cleaning and maintaining sliding sash windows, be sure to put safety first. Many windows can be placed high up, so be sure to clear the area of any and all tripping hazards and keep both feet firmly on the ground. Leaning over to get those harder to reach areas isn’t worth the risk!

Necessary Equipment

Unlike timber windows, there’s no need for harsh chemical products like bleach, nail varnish, or wood varnish. Hazardous materials such as these can damage the uPVC frames and aren’t required to keep them clean. We recommend a clean cloth or sponge, alongside fresh hot water and a simple soap, such as washing up liquid. 

Low Maintenance Modern Design

One of the key benefits of the modern uPVC we use to craft our windows is that it is long lasting without the need for constant preservation. Over time, timber can warp, swell from absorbing moisture, and crack or splinter from heavy rains or intense sunlight. It can get expensive having to sand down, repaint, or revarnish timber sash windows, which are also typically old and single glazed. 

The double glazing we use is filled with argon gas as standard, much more energy efficient than just air, which allows our sash windows to provide powerful thermal insulation to a home. Combined with the colour matching wool piles and contemporary weather seals, the Quickslide Legacy uPVC sliding sash can keep out bad weather, potentially leading to a longer lifespan. 

Maintaining Your Sash Windows

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At Quickslide, we’re pleased to offer a slide and tilt facility for easy cleaning. The ability to tilt the sashes can make cleaning the external side of the window sashes much simpler. In order to use this, simply slide the bottom sash upwards and then tilt it by gently pushing the knobs into the centre. 

Carefully tilt the bottom sash by pulling it towards yourself. Afterwards, slide the top sash down and tilt it by pulling the knobs into the centre. Now, you should be able to pull the top sash towards yourself to place it into the tilted position as well. Please note certain colour combinations come with a bottom sash tilt facility only. 

Once both of the sashes have been tilted, use a cloth or soft sponge and hot, soapy water to wipe down the frame, profile, and glazing from top to bottom. As you continue to clean, we recommend swapping out the water for another fresh bowl. When wiping, be sure to use slow and even strokes to prevent streaks. Baby wipes can be useful for scrubbing the internal side, as they are much less likely to be as dirty as the external side. 

Once the cleaning and drying is complete, close the window by reversing the opening process. During the maintenance, be sure to be on the lookout for any wear and tear that may have occurred, as the faster faults are spotted, the easier they can be to fix. Quickslide’s sash windows come with a ten year manufacturing guarantee, so in the unlikely event that manufacturing defects occur, we can help.

  • Tilt and slide
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Use a cloth or soft sponge
  • 10 year manufacturing gurantee

Authentic Appearance

While our sliding sash windows are crafted from uPVC, we do offer an assortment of woodgrain foils that can make them look like traditional timber. These foils are just as easy to maintain as standard uPVC. All that’s needed is a wipe down with soapy water every six months or as and when required depending on location and exposure to external elements. 

Get a Price for Sash Windows

Become a Quickslide trade partner now and start benefiting from our reliable supply of easy to maintain uPVC sash windows. Homeowners can find their local installer on our website with just their postcode, making it easy to get our sliding sash windows as their next home improvement. Need more information? Read our FAQ page or use our contact form to speak with an expert.

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