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Sash Windows and Natural Light: Brightening Up Your Interiors

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With the rising cost of energy bills, finding alternative ways to keep your home bright and cheerful is perhaps more important than ever. Here at Quickslide, our sash windows are designed to let in as much light as possible while also retaining heat and security for your home.

With sleek profiles and high efficiency double glazing, our sash windows have many features that can brighten up your home interior. Discover some of them below or request a price for your chosen sash windows on our website today. 

By brightening up your interiors with natural light from our sash windows, you can rely less on artificial lighting. Using less lighting could reduce your home’s energy consumption and electricity bills in the long term while also improving your carbon footprint.

Bespoke Sizes and Styles

The sash windows we supply can be crafted in a broad range of sizes, so no matter if you’re looking for tall manor windows or a new window for your cottage, we’d be more than happy to help.

For the most uninterrupted views, the Victorian style sash windows could be for you. They have a ‘two over two’ design, meaning that each sash is comprised of a glass pane divided into two by an astragal bar. They can offer the beautiful and timeless elegance of sash windows while also providing the clearest sightlines. At Quickslide, we can even offer sash windows with arched tops, which can allow even more natural light to peek into your home’s interior.

Plus, as of the end of 2023, we’re pleased to provide a slim mid-rail also available for our sliding sash windows.

Tilt & Slide Facility

Our sash windows can also come with a simple tilt and slide facility. The tilt facility makes it easy to clean the inside and outside of your sash windows, helping to ensure that they remain crystal clear for light to pour into your room.

Keeping the frames, profiles, and glazing clean can also help brighten up the interior and exterior of your home by maintaining the vivid colour scheme of your sash windows. All it takes to keep our uPVC sash windows clean is a wet cloth or soapy sponge to remove any built up dirt or dust that may accumulate after heavy rains or storms.

Vibrant Colour Options

Brightening up your interior can be done in more ways than one. Stunning sash windows can provide additional natural light, but by enhancing your home’s interior colours, that light can be better utilised to showcase your personal style.

At Quickslide, we can produce our sash windows in a wide range of colours, including stunning woodgrains that mimic the look and texture of real timber. Colours like Chartwell green and agate grey can create the illusion of increased brightness. By combining light coloured walls with brightly coloured sash windows, your interior could look bright and cheerful even in the darker months!

All our colours are designed to withstand time and resist cracking or fading from extreme weather. Your home can continue to look its best while providing excellent interior brightness, security, and energy efficiency.

Sash Window Prices

Ready to brighten up your home’s interiors with our sash windows? Find your local installer today or request a price now on our website. Have a question or need more information? Get in touch with us with our online contact form, or call us directly at 03332 412 240, and a member of our team will be happy to help. Sign up now to become a Quickslide trade partner and enjoy bespoke marketing support, aftersales support, a designated account manager, and more.

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