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The Benefits of Sash Windows for Energy Efficiency

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Enhancing a home’s energy efficiency is integral to ensuring that homeowners stay comfortable within their property year-round. When looking for windows that provide excellent energy efficiency, it is important to investigate what else they can offer.

By choosing sash windows to improve a home’s energy efficiency, homeowners can also benefit from a host of other advantages. At Quickslide, our sash windows are designed to help keep homes warm while also providing gorgeous style and security. 

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A Warmer & Brighter Home

The main benefit of choosing sash windows for energy efficiency is that they can create a warmer interior that doesn’t create a stuffy or dimly light home. We use contemporary double glazing and modern uPVC for all our sash windows. 

Our contemporary sash windows have argon gas between the double-glazed panes, which traps heat more efficiently than regular air. These double-glazed units can allow our sash windows to reach an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’ and U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K as standard.

The uPVC profile and sashes are as manufactured as slim as we can get them, providing increased space for the energy efficient glass. Later this year, we’re introducing a slim midrail which will allow for more glass that flood homes with natural light while providing gorgeous, uninterrupted views. When slid open, these sash windows can let in large amounts of fresh air while keeping out the cold draughts and leaks when closed.

White Arched and flat Georgian uPVC sliding sash windows in white on a red brick building

Classic Style

A major advantage of choosing sash windows when improving a home’s energy efficiency is that the property can maintain its classic look. Sash windows have been popular since they were first widely introduced during the Georgian period, and many older properties have that distinctive vertical slider opening. However, these traditional buildings typically don’t have the most modern glazing or profiles. 

With Quickslide, these traditional properties can have their performance enhanced and potentially reduce the owner’s energy bills without compromising the historical aesthetic. Our woodgrain foils are designed to mimic the look and feel of timber accurately, and we also provide a carefully selected range of colour options.

Additionally, we go a step further for authenticity. We can provide a deep bottom rail, astragal glazing bars, and mechanically jointed run through horns so that the sash windows look the part while still keeping homeowners warm and dry from the elements. Our weather protective wool piles are colour matched so that our sash windows have a seamless colour scheme that isn’t interrupted.

For true authenticity, we also offer a mechanical joints upgrade. The 45-degree uPVC welds on the frames and sash can be replaced with 90-degree joints like those found on traditional handcrafted timber sash windows.

Security & Performance

Our sash windows can do more than just increase a home’s energy efficiency. They can also improve security and safety thanks to our new features only available thanks to our contemporary innovations. New building regulations require trickle vents on virtually all glazing elements, and our sash windows have been intelligently designed to include trickle vents that can provide excellent ventilation without compromising the sash windows’ look and ability to keep out chilly draughts and leaks.

Furthermore, we also have an easy clean tilt facility for convenient maintenance, making it easy to keep our sash windows clear from dirt or water marks. Our quick release tilt arms make it simple to remove the top and bottom sash without much fuss. 

We also have the option of including Avia smart hardware for those looking for a combination of modern technology and classic style. Avia sash fasteners are perfect for homeowners who want to keep an eye on the security status of their windows, and by extension, their entire home. For those needing high security that meets all the latest requirements, we also have a PAS 24 upgrade package, which certifies our sash windows against modern intrusion techniques.

Low Maintenance Windows

Our uPVC sash windows come with up to a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee for total peace of mind. uPVC is a robust material capable of resisting warping and cracking, and unlike older materials, their colours can last for years without fading. 

Choose sash windows for energy efficiency and security that can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Homeowners can enjoy an enhanced yet classic looking home that doesn’t require intensive chores to keep performing at its best.

Sliding sash windows to brighten up homes

Sash Window Prices

Get a price for sash windows today on our website and improve a home’s energy efficiency or sign up now to become a registered installer. For more information, call us on 03332 412 240, or fill out our online contact form, and an expert team member will be pleased to help. Use our installer locator tool now to discover an installer close to you and get in contact with just a few clicks.

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