Seamless Arched Frames: Advanced In-House Bending Technology

True Arched Frames With No Welded Joints!

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With our own in-house foiling and painting facilities as well as PVC-u and aluminium fabrication, we’ve yet again taken another big step forward. In 2017 we invested EUR 60,000 in a new state-of-the-art in-house bending facility. This investment has enabled us to offer a superior finish as well as faster turnaround on curved and arched frames. Vertical sliders are notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to bending profiles, so now to be able to offer consistent and reliable quality in a fraction of the manufacture time will greatly benefit us here at Quickslide and our trade partners. The investment goes hand in hand with our aim to take complete control of as many manufacturing processes as possible.
The new in-house bending machine means that the time it takes us to manufacture an arch has only increased with as little as 10 minutes per curve. Also a cooler working temperature makes it far more energy efficient, and its ‘sophisticated’ automation and use of multiple 3D cameras is said to give ‘near perfect’, consistent results with ‘practically zero’ waste.

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