Unlock Versatility with Quick-Glide Slim Slide & Stack Doors by Quickslide

Open Up a World of Possibilities with Quick-Glide

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Quickslide’s Quick-Glide is a revolutionary new slim slide and stack door system that has more glass, less frame and can be slid to open however you want, explains managing director Ben Weber

  • Revolutionary Design
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Sleek Appearance
  • Combination of Systems
  • Quick Installation
  • Market-Driven Development
  • Independent Operation
  • Minimal Maintenance

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Quickslide’s newest door offering, aptly named Quick-Glide, has been creatively designed to offer homeowners a fully flexible slide and stack door with a multitude of possible configurations. This flexibility is created by multiple independently sliding panels which can be configured to suit any preference or stacked entirely to create a full span, unobstructed opening. What’s more its slim sightlines – more glass, less visible profile – means that when closed, Quick-Glide looks great and lets in maximum light.

“Quick-Glide is completely flexible,” says Ben. “The panels move individually and are not connected, so there is no limit to the number of configurations you can have. Which means we can give customers exactly what they want in one system.

A sleek and modern Quickslide Quick-Glide door system showcasing its slim slide and stack design, perfect for contemporary homes

“What’s more, it’s slim profile, and with no visible hinges or hardware when closed – other than a simple handle on the main door – makes Quick-Glide as sleek and stylish as it is flexible.”

Marrying Invisifold’s slide and stack system with the Visofold 1000 slim system from Smart Systems, Quick-Glide comes with all the added benefits of slim sightlines, contemporary square sashes, and the new tap in Quick-Glaze Bead for faster installations. It is the culmination of market testing and researching for the perfect door system that can fulfil everything homeowners are looking for. 

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“We first tested the waters for a slide and stack system by showcasing the idea at homebuilding shows across the country,” says Ben. “It was clear straightaway that this had huge potential. We received great feedback and people loved it. But crucially, by listening to what the market told us, we realised one thing was missing: those all-important slim sightlines.

“So, we put our R&D hats back on, returned to the factory and worked with the guys at Invisifold to come up with the perfect product that would tap into all the latest home improvement trends so that these doors fit the bill when open, closed, and everything in between.

“The sashes are all operated independently so they can be positioned anywhere across the opening to provide ventilation without having the door fully open, or open up entirely for that complete indoor-outdoor living experience. Then, when closed, the slim profile and clean lines give a great finish, flooding a room with natural light and making it feel spacious and bright.”

The Quickslide Quick-Glide, a cutting-edge door system with a slim slide and stack mechanism, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality

And because function is as important as form, Quick-Glide has been designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. There are no rollers, as the doors run on self-lubricating pads. In fact, apart from the master door hinges, there are hardly any moving parts, significantly reducing the risk of potential damage.

The door’s excellence extends beyond its aesthetics and function; it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets all the required regulations. Quick-Glide has been weather-, security-, and cycle tested, surpassing expectations with flying colours. Compliant with British standards, it offers homeowners peace of mind regarding durability, security, and longevity. Ready to order now, Quick-Glide is on track to set a new benchmark for innovation in the industry.

Quickslide is currently seeking several Quick-Glide stockists to cover the increasing demand of this door type across the country. “Interested trade partners are encouraged to email marketing@quickslide.co.uk to be considered” says Ben. “We’d love to hear from you.”

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