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Safety Features Of Sliding Sash Windows

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When it comes to window design, security and safety are always at the forefront, and at Quickslide, it’s no different. Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed our Legacy uPVC sliding sash window safety features to resist modern intrusion methods and to create a window that homeowners can rely upon for long-lasting performance.

Tradespeople can get a price for our double glazed sash windows, as well as benefit from becoming a trade partner with a range of marketing collateral and support. Find out more about our sash window security below, additionally find out about the safety of sash windows here and explore the Quickslide difference. 

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Sash Window Safety Features

  • Durability
  • PAS 24 upgrade
  • Fully compliant
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Double Glazing

Durable Materials

Our authentic style sash windows are manufactured using top-quality materials to ensure longevity and resistance to environmental elements. The uPVC we use allows for a much lower maintenance design when compared to other materials like timber. Additionally, all our sash windows incorporate 24mm double glazing as standard, and we have obscuring glass and laminated glass available for increased privacy or strength.

PAS 24 Upgrade

While our standard double glazed sash windows can provide ample security for most modern or traditional homes, we also offer a PAS 24 upgrade package. With this package our sash windows are PAS 24:2016 compliant, and the enhancement includes two extra-strong locks and locking keeps. The upgrade also provides reinforced tilt latches and top sash security blocks.

For modern new build projects, PAS 24 security is generally a mandatory requirement, so rest assured that our sliding sash windows can fit the bill when needed. 

Fully Compliant

Our double glazed sash windows are tested annually for compliance with enhanced security standards alongside BS 6375 for weather resistance. We also have our manufacturing process externally verified by ER Certification so our products can be sure to meet our high standards of quality. 

Additionally, we’ve been sure to stay up to date with the ever-changing building regulations. Most building regulations are set in place by the Government to maintain building safety, efficiency, and health standards.

As part of our safety requirements, if your sash window opening isn’t large enough to comply with escape requirements, then we also have the option to manufacture a fire escape facility. To comply with regulations covering escape options, the window must have an unobstructed opening of at least 0.33m².

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Every one of our home improvement products is covered by our manufacturing guarantee. A copy of our Guarantees can be requested by emailing

Homeowners and tradespeople alike can have total peace of mind when choosing Quickslide’s range of historic style windows. 

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Sash Window Safety Tips

  • Slide and tilt mechanism
  • Opening Restrictors
  • Installed By Professionals
  • Trusted trade partners

Using The Slide & Tilt Facility

The slide and tilt mechanism in sash windows allows for both sashes to slide and tilt inwards for easy cleaning and increased ventilation. Before you attempt to tilt the sashes, check for obstructions, and always use both hands to distribute the weight evenly. 

To tilt the sashes, unlock the window and gently release the sash by pushing both tilt buttons at the same time. If at any point you encounter resistance, stop, and investigate the cause. Once the window is tilted, ensure that it is securely held in place. Push the sashes into its straight vertical position before attempting to slide them up or down.

Make it a habit to inspect and maintain the slide and tilt mechanism. Lubricate moving parts every six months. 

The best use of this feature is to easily clean the outside of the sash window to maintain those otherwise hard-to-reach spots. 

Opening Restrictors

If the sash windows are to be installed in proximity of young children or pets, one can further enhance the security by choosing restrictors to limit how much the sashes can slide open. 

Installed By Professionals

For the best fitting and installation of our uPVC sliding sash windows, we recommend getting in touch with a local Quickslide trade partner. An expert installation can ensure a much lower risk of anything going askew, leading to a smoother and more secure process. 

Safe & Secure Sash Window Prices

Find a price for our highly secure sliding sash windows today and become a Quickslide trade partner for access to a range of technical information, marketing support, reliable lead times, and more. If you have any further questions about the security features and capabilities of our products, use our contact form or speak to a professional at 03332 412 240.

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