What’s the difference between a Bay and a Bow Window?

People often get confused between the difference of a Bay- and Bow Window. These two types of windows aren’t really that much alike, but the fact they both only have three letters and start with ‘B’ certainly doesn’t help distinguish them. However, you can create both bay and boy windows with a range of styles such as sash, double-hung and casement windows. Bay windows are made up of three windows put together on a 25 – 45 degree angle coming out from the exterior wall. They usually consist of two smaller windows at each side and one slightly bigger window in the centre. Whereas, Bow Windows are made up of typically four or five identical windows, which are fitted at an angle of 10 degrees creating a beautiful curved appearance. Both Bay- and Bow Windows are very popular in small to medium sized homes, as they open up the living space and bring in more light than a single flat window would do.

Generally, because bow windows are made up of more windows with obviously more glass than a bay window is, they bring in more light and extends your living area more than a Bay Window would.


Bow Window
Bay Window