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How To Paint A Sash Window

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Painting sash windows can be a difficult challenge, as the last thing you want to do is get paint in unwanted places, such as on blinds or glass panes. Timber windows can lose their colour and fade over time due to continual rainfall or long-term exposure to sunlight. This can make them somewhat difficult or even expensive to maintain, as you may need to hire painting professionals for more tough to reach windows within your property.

If required to paint sash windows, be sure to use masking tape to avoid getting paint on any internal or external walls. Additionally, be sure the window has been cleaned and is dry before applying paint. One of the biggest challenges with painting sash windows is ensuring that the new paint doesn’t cause the window to stick as it opens or closes. The last thing a homeowner wants is a window that compromises its primary function for aesthetics. This is why uPVC sash windows are an excellent choice, thanks to their long-lasting colours and smooth performance.

Painting uPVC sash windows isn’t necessary. Instead, they can be manufactured in a specific hue or foiled with accurate-looking woodgrain styles to suit almost whatever the customer needs.

Low Maintenance uPVC Sash Windows

One of the many advantages of uPVC sash windows is that they’re incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike timber windows, our uPVC sash windows don’t require any painting; instead, the uPVC itself can be manufactured in a variety of different shades to suit a property’s aesthetic.

Homeowners won’t have to worry about hiring professional painters to refurbish their windows, nor will they need to learn how to paint their frames themselves if you install our uPVC sash windows.

Painted sash windows can fade over time from weather or damage, but our uPVC sash windows are manufactured to be able to last decades with minimal upkeep. These windows will never need to be painted, varnished, or sanded. All it takes is a sponge or wet cloth to wipe away any built-up dirt and keep the windows looking almost as good as the day they were made.

uPVC Colour Options

We can manufacture uPVC sash windows in a wide range of colours, including agate grey,  cream grain, and anthracite grey. Whether the home is contemporary or traditional, we are likely to have a colour that can suit it.

We can even offer a bespoke colour bonding service to produce uPVC sash windows in almost any conceivable hue. Additionally, an exciting option we are proud to offer is our new dual colours available for all our uPVC legacy sliding sash windows. These dual colours can be excellent for maintaining a traditional style or enhancing a contemporary look in a new way. We can even combine a perfect blend of traditional and modern such as white woodgrain and smooth white from stock. Any homeowner can now enjoy the classic aesthetic outside while keeping a modern style indoors, an excellent solution for anyone living within a conservation area.

To learn more about our new colour options, click here.

Woodgrain Foils

We provide a selection of woodgrain foils for homes within conservation areas that need to maintain a traditional timber look. With these foils, homeowners can take advantage of all the benefits that a modern material such as uPVC provides while keeping the familiar and beloved conservation style of their area.

All our woodgrain foils are designed to last against all kinds of weather, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the uPVC windows we supply can last for decades without any need for painting over blemishes or fading over the years.

Why Choose Quickslide for uPVC Sash Windows?

Quickslide can manufacture and supply uPVC sash windows in virtually any colour, including the beloved RAL collection. So, no matter what shade you’re looking for, we can customise our windows to suit your needs. Whether you need windows to match the rest of the property or are looking for something that stands out, you can get it done with Quickslide. You can even choose between a smooth or wood effect finish, giving you a full range of customisation. 

Our uPVC sash windows are manufactured to be highly energy efficient and provide top-level security, so our products are stylish and customisable and perform at industry leading standards. You won’t have to compromise between style and substance with Quickslide. To learn more about our uPVC sash windows, click here to visit our website page.

uPVC Sash Window Prices

Request a price for our uPVC sash windows today by submitting your required specifications here, contacting our team via our contact form, or giving us a call at 03332 412 240. We’d be happy to discuss our range of colours and woodgrain foils with you. Find an installer here on our website, or become a trade partner today.

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