Quickslide's New £1.7M Machining Centre: Revolutionizing Sash Windows

We’ve Taken Delivery of Our New Machining Centre

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On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May, our brand-new state of the art cutting centre was delivered in six trucks all the way from Germany! This is a huge investment for Quickslide (our biggest yet) with the total cost running over £1.7 million! It’s taken the Quickslide team more than a year of planning. Plus, we’ll have a team of engineers on site for almost two months to carry out the installation, set up and training to bring in the machining centre as an integral part of sash window production.

We’ve carried out a huge relocation project across our three factories in preparation for the new cutting centre. Once assembled, the Schirmer cutting centre will stretch almost 4120 ft2 (over twice as big as either of our other two Schirmer cutting machines). Our entire Brighouse site is around 150,000 ft2, and this new cutting centre takes up a huge area of our sliding sash window factory.

This new kit is one of the most advanced machining centres in the UK and will allow us to turn our attention to developing our sliding sash windows even further. At FIT Show last week, we announced new features coming to our Legacy uPVC sash window including refined run-through horns and a new super slim mid-rail. The machining centre will be the driving force in providing our customers with repeatable quality of some of the most authentic sliding sash windows on the market.

What does this mean for our trade partners?

Over the past 20 years we’ve kept innovation and development high on our priority list, and it’s our aim to continue this way! We’re always working in the background to improve the Quickslide service and products we manufacture. After all, we’re not here to sell windows, we’re here to make sure you can! We continue to invest in the future, and our new cutting centre is a huge step towards excellent standardised quality, quick lead times, increased production capacity, and improved efficiency.

We’re here for the long run. By re-investing funds back into the business we’re automatically investing in you and our future growth as supply partners. Recognised as the Best Fabricator of the Year 2022, we’re devoted to excellence and remain one of the market-leading fabricators for heritage-style uPVC vertical sliders. The new machining centre is the beginning of a new era. Further exciting developments will be announced later this year!

Our expert team are a key component when it comes to manufacturing our award-winning windows. Automation can reduce human error and drive repeatability of quality of the same high standards every time. By leaving precision to the machining centre, our staff can focus on the fabrication processes still required to be done by hand by talented craftsmen.

Our focus has always been to foster growth for our Trade Partners. By joining us today, you’ll not only partner with a supplier who invests in your future, you’ll also gain access to a whole host of benefits including marketing support. Fill in the registration form, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your submission.

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