Reduce Noise and Enhance Comfort with Sliding Sash Windows

Noise Reducing With Sliding Sash Windows

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While the first thing that many homeowners consider when upgrading their property with new windows is energy efficiency and security, or maybe even style, the noise reducing capabilities of the chosen window cannot be forgotten! At Quickslide, we’ve been manufacturing our home improvement products for almost twenty years. Over this time, we’ve upgraded our windows carefully to create sash windows that can offer everything in one package, from thermal efficiency and security to style and noise reduction. 

Discover how our sash windows can insulate against sound to create a quieter home below, or find your local installer and start your next upgrade.

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Double Glazed Sash Windows

Our sash window acoustics come from the modern double glazed panes that come as standard with all of our Legacy sash windows. Double glazing has multiple benefits that make it vastly superior to old single glazing. Not only can double glazed sash windows maintain a better internal home temperature year-round, but they can also help reduce condensation, increase durability, and, of course, improve the sound absorbing power. 

Laminated Glass Option

For those in need of excellent noise reducing sash windows, we can also include laminated glazing. This optional upgrade features glass panes sandwiched between an interlayer of a plastic vinyl. While laminated glass is not classed as noise reducing glazing, some people consider laminated glass to act as an effective barrier for sound simply because of the way it’s manufactured. Therefore, this upgrade may be the right choice for those close to train stations or airports, where loud noises can be quite frequent. Additionally, it can allow those deep in the heart of the city to choose our gorgeous historical style sliding sash windows for their aesthetic heritage as well as dampen loud decibel levels at the same time. 

Weather Resistant Design

Chilling winds and heavy rain can cause howling draughts and dripping leaks, leading to not only a colder home but a frustrating constant sound during harsh weather conditions. That’s why we manufacture our sash windows to surpass the requirements set out by the British standards. All our sash windows also come with colour-matched brush strips to minimise any unwanted air to escape through the windows. A tight closed position can make the rest of the window more efficient in terms of both energy and sound. 

Our PAS 24 upgrade package is also available and ensures that our historical style windows meet modern security standards for new builds. Come rain or shine, howling winds can stay out of the picture. 

Sash Window Noise Reduction Tips

  • Double glazing
  • Thick curtains and blinds
  • Soft furnishings
  • Replace your current windows

Sash windows won’t ever be able to keep the outside world at bay completely, but there are a few ways that one can improve sound absorption to avoid disruption from day-to-day sounds. Compared to traditional single-glazed windows, our quality double glazing can already lead to reduced noise; we’ve listed a few additional steps that can lead to even better sash window noise control.

Thick Curtains & Blinds

A great way to further enhance your sound-absorbing sash windows is to decorate them with high-quality blinds and curtains made from thick, heavy materials. These can help improve the acoustics of a room, leading to less echo while also greatly increasing the privacy of a home. Just like with the double glazing, curtains for your sash windows can muffle sounds, preventing them from getting in or out. For even further privacy, we can manufacture our uPVC sash windows with obscuring glass, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. 

Interior Decoration

As stated previously, curtains can help to reduce noise echo within a home and take sash window acoustics to the next level. However, furnishing your home with carpets, sofas, desks, and more can also help to absorb sound. It may not sound like it’d do much, but next time you’re in a non-carpeted, empty room, take note of how much your footsteps and voice carry!

To get you inspired to revamp your interior decoration, check out our sash window colour range. We can manufacture our authentic looking sliders in almost any hue and have a vast range of woodgrain foils that can match almost any style. Plus, dual colourways can let you have a vastly different look on the inside and outside, letting you get your favoured look.

Sound Resistant Sash Window Prices

Homeowners can find their local installer with our online tool; all it takes is a postcode to get started. If you’re an installer looking for noise reducing windows, get a price for our sash windows today, and sign up as a trade partner to get a range of marketing support, your own account manager, reliable lead times and more! For more information, get in touch with us via our contact form or speak to a professional directly at 03332 412 240.

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