Do I Need Planning Permission to Replace Wooden Windows with uPVC?

Do I Need Planning Permission to Replace Wooden Windows With uPVC?

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Replacing wooden windows with new uPVC variants could be a good way to improve a property’s energy efficiency and maintenance costs. However, the property may require planning permission to install the new windows, depending on the location.

Those living within a flat or above a shop will need planning permission to replace wooden windows with ones made from a different material. Homeowners within heritage or conservation communities should contact their local planning officer to find out if they will have permission to replace the current wooden windows with uPVC versions.

For those living within areas capable of replacing wooden windows with uPVC, you can find your local installer today via our website.

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Why Should You Replace Wooden Windows With uPVC Windows?

Many reasons exist to replace old wooden windows with modern uPVC alternatives. We’ve listed a few below to help you understand the benefits that uPVC provides.

Energy Efficient

Our uPVC profiles come with hidden chambers that enhance the energy efficiency of our windows. The hidden chambers trap ambient heat as it attempts to escape from the home, preventing it from being wasted. Homeowners could benefit from reduced energy bills and a lower carbon footprint alongside a warmer and more comfortable home.

By combining our uPVC profiles with our double glazed glass, uPVC windows could offer a much higher level of comfort than old wooden windows with only glazing to retain heat.

Low Maintenance

uPVC windows won’t have to be sanded down or varnished, and the robust colours and woodgrain foils available at Quickslide are designed to resist fading and cracking. By installing our uPVC windows, homeowners could enjoy low maintenance windows that could resist warping and only need to be wiped down with a wet cloth or sponge occasionally to remove build up dirt. Additionally, if the windows reach the end of their long lifespan, the uPVC could be recycled so that homeowners can have peace of mind.

Weather Resistant

Our uPVC profiles don’t absorb moisture from the rain, and their robust strength can prevent warping. Additionally, Quickslide is proud to provide optional weather bars explicitly developed to keep out wind and rain while maintaining an authentic sash window appearance. The woolpile’s provided with our uPVC windows can further increase the weather resistance to ensure homeowners can be worry-free when it comes to cold draughts or leaks. Plus, the woolpiles can be colour-matched with the rest of the window frame, offering a seamless and authentic colour uninterrupted by weatherproofing materials.

Slim Sightlines

Modern uPVC manufacturing techniques allow us to develop frames that can be made thinner than traditional wooden ones. Slimmer frames make room for larger panes of glass, flooding homes with even more natural light and giving homeowners bigger unobstructed views of the outside. The structural integrity of the frames could withstand being made slimmer thanks to uPVC’s robustness, so you won’t have to sacrifice any durability or safety.

Why Choose Quickslide For uPVC WIndows?

  • Wide Range of Styles and Customization
  • Unique Colour Service
  • Authentic Wood Aesthetic
  • Woodgrain Foils for Bifold Doors
  • Benefits of uPVC

Quickslide can provide uPVC windows with a broad spectrum of shades, finishes, and colours. Whether you’re looking for something more contemporary or traditional, Quickslide has a vast range of styles available that can be customised to match almost any home’s aesthetics or needs.

We provide a unique colour service, allowing us to manufacture and supply bespoke windows tailored to their specific requirements. Our colour bonding techniques allow us to offer windows that can include two different colours on the external and internal sides. Unique to Quickslide, we can even provide this service with our accurate woodgrain foils. A homeowner can enjoy a dark golden oak on the outside of their property, with a vibrant Irish oak on the inside.

Suppose you’d like even more authenticity to maintain your wooden aesthetic. In that case, we can replace the usual 45 degree welds with 90 degree mechanical joints to mimic those on real wooden windows more accurately. Or choose our seamless weld for an uninterrupted woodgrain finish across the entirety of the frame.

For those looking to replace wooden windows and doors with new uPVC alternatives, our woodgrain foils are even available for our bifold doors. Homeowners can enjoy a classic wooden aesthetic that matches everywhere across their home while gaining all the benefits uPVC provides when you choose Quickslide.

uPVC Window Prices

Potentially lower any home’s energy bills by replacing old wooden windows with modern uPVC windows by Quickslide! We have a vast selection of styles available, such as uPVC sliding sash windows, casement windows, flush sash windows, and much more.

Become a trade partner today by looking at our program here. Or find your local installer and plan your next project by requesting a price with us. Just give us your specifications, and we’ll get you an accurate price. Call us at 03332 412 240 for more information on our uPVC windows, or send us an email at

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