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Legacy VS: Whatever the weather

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Quickslide’s Legacy vertical slider is officially one of the best performing sash windows available on the market, as proven by the results of its recent weather performance tests.  

During testing, windows are assessed for air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind. Legacy VS was successfully tested against wind speeds of up to 120mph to achieve a 1200 rating, while for water tightness it withstood being sprayed with eight litres of water per minute for 40 minutes with zero leakage, earning it a higher level Class 6A classification.

Meanwhile air permeability testing – designed to assess a window’s loss or gain of air – earned Legacy the highest-performing level Class 4, far better than the Class 2 window requirement for the UK and also great news for homeowners looking for superior energy efficiency to reduce their monthly bills. 

Quickslide’s Legacy features several innovative weather-proofing details that contribute to its weather performance, including multi-chambered frames and sashes, and an overall WER of ‘A’ as standard. An aesthetically pleasing weatherbar and integral window cill with an internal upstand add additional levels of defence against external elements.

“We’re delighted to receive our latest weather performance testing results for Legacy,” says Managing Director Ben Weber. “They provide clear proof of the year-round weather performance, durability and strength of our windows.”

“Homeowners can have confidence our windows perform whatever the weather throws at them, and what homeowner wouldn’t want to reduce their energy bills and while simultaneously increasing their home’s comfort and property’s value? All while maintaining that all-important authentic timber-look styling, especially with our new enhanced Legacy about to hit the market, with its new slim mid-rail and refined run-through sash horns.”

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Legacy VS: Whatever the weather

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