What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Bifold Doors? Quickslide

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Bifold Doors?

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There are many reasons to choose aluminium bifold doors over other materials and door types. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you better understand how aluminium can enhance a project. From its high tensile strength to easy maintenance, here are a few ways that aluminium bifold doors can improve any modern or heritage home.

Increased Space

Any home could benefit from an expansive opening into a patio, deck, or garden. Aluminium bifold doors open via a concertina principle. They can fold together to create a wide entryway while remaining nice and tidy tucked in the corner instead of using a wide swing arc that can get in the way like other traditional doors. The large glass panes can grant a property the illusion of increased space while offering beautiful views outside. Depending on the size of the doors, they could even open up almost an entire wall!

With Quickslide’s ability to produce doors with low thresholds and other optional features, a home could become more accessible for kids or people with decreased mobility levels.

Thermal Efficient

Aluminium bifold doors are available with double or even triple-glazed window panes. The air between the panes traps tons of ambient heat, while the tight seals and sturdy aluminium frames prevent most cold air from entering the home.

As standard, all Quickslide’s aluminium bifold doors are equipped with 28mm of double-glazed glass units for their window panes manufactured on-site at our Brighouse, West Yorkshire facility.

Plus, aluminium can resist impact from external elements much better than other materials like timber. This means it can prevent leaks and draughts with much greater effectiveness. Additionally, the aluminium we use is thermally broken which means the cold outside will not find its way inside through the frame construction lowering the need to keep the heating on.

Natural Light

Because aluminium is so sturdy and strong, the slim frames can carry and uphold the panels as they swing and fold away from the main frame. The slim frames also mean that the bi-fold doors will contain more glass than frame utilising the installation space and letting views to the outside go unobstructed. Additionally, natural light can further improve a home’s energy efficiency by preventing the need to keep the lights on during the day.

Safe and Secure

Keeping your home safe is essential for any property owner. With aluminium bifold doors, the fear of intruders or bad weather can be heavily mitigated thanks to aluminium’s sturdy profile and high tensile strength. Aluminium is much harder to cut through or smash compared to timber or uPVC, so while the frames may be slim, homeowners can rest assured that the frames could stand the test of time for decades.

But what good is a robust frame if the locks aren’t up to the same standard? Thankfully, homeowners can expect our aluminium bifold doors to have some of the most effective modern locking systems available. Quickslide’s bespoke multi-point locking mechanisms are available with a range of handle options to fit a broad array of personal aesthetics. Better yet, magnetic catches additionally improve daily use, helping to keep the door panels in position when open.

If you’d like to go even further with the security of your aluminium bifold doors, check out our comprehensive PAS 24 upgrade, which includes a considerable range of enhanced security features including laminated glass for outstanding safeguarding.

Low Maintenance

Another added benefit of aluminium bifold doors is that they only require the occasional wipe down with a warm soapy sponge to keep them clean from any dirt that could build up after more intense weather. Aluminium is naturally rust resistant, meaning there’s less concern of chemical reactions ruining the functionality or finish of the frame. Additionally, replacement parts are currently widely accessible and can be installed with a professional’s assistance.


Aluminium bifold doors can be personalised to suit all kinds of homes. Compared to traditional timber door frames, aluminium frames can be coated in a fantastic array of finishes, foils, and colour schemes to blend in with almost any home’s style. Quickslide’s bifold doors are available with various finishes or colours coated in a special powder that prevents fading, keeping the aluminium bifold doors looking almost factory new with minimal required upkeep.

Suppose the property resides within a heritage area. In that case, our woodgrain foils are a fantastic option to stay in keeping with the surrounding area, as they mimic the look of traditional timber while maintaining the benefits of this modern material. However, we suggest you speak with local planning officers beforehand for further peace of mind to guarantee that aluminium is allowed.


Using aluminium as the main material component is a very sustainable option, as it is an easily recyclable material that can last a long time without tarnishing or breaking. Plus, when it is eventually time to upgrade the property again, rest assured that the material can be reconstructed and reused elsewhere as part of another product instead of going to a landfill.

Aluminium Bifold Door Costs

If you’d like to discover more about how Quickslide’s aluminium bifold doors could benefit a home, click here. Or, if you’d like to find your local installer to install your newest project, use our handy “find an If you’d like to discover more about how Quickslide’s aluminium bifold doors could benefit a home, click here. Or, if you’d like to find your local installer to install your new windows and doors, use our handy “find an installer” tool on our website. It’s free and works on any device, making it easy to begin taking advantage of all the ways our aluminium bifold doors can help keep your property secure, efficient, and beautiful.

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