PVCu Bay Windows

PVCu Bay windows traditionally feature three glass panels which extend beyond the walls of the home which can make the room appear more spacious. With PVCu bay windows, the middle glass panel tends to be larger than the two side panels and is generally considered a ‘picture window’. You can choose from several different options when it comes to PVCu bay windows, in terms of window style, colour, material and finish. These choices will come down to personal preference and the style of your home.

Here at Quickslide, we manufacture and supply double glazed PVCu bay windows that can be placed in any room but are particularly popular for living rooms and sometimes bedrooms. Add a wonderful feature to your home today with a PVCu bay window from Quickslide.

Types of PVCu Bay Windows


PVCu bay windows are available in PVCu and aluminium that are both durable and easy to maintain, whilst maintaining their style and appeal.

We have been manufacturing the finest quality PVCu bay windows for more than 15 years and these windows come with double glazing as standard in addition to a wide range of hardware and performance upgrades.

PVCu Bay Window Styles

With our range of PVCu bay sliding sash windows and bay casement windows homeowners can enjoy panoramic views and plenty of natural light entering the living space. PVCu bay windows are connected window frames available in our complete range of window styles including our uPVC sash windows, uPVC casement windows and aluminium windows.

PVCu Bay Window Characteristics

PVCu Bay Windows in Chartwell Green

PVCu Bay Window Design

PVCu Bay windows are traditional in appearance; however, they can suit both modern and heritage styled homes. Depending on the window specification you choose they can portray an entirely different appearance. PVCu bay windows extend from the walls of the home at an angle. Whilst PVCu bay sash windows often consist of three frames their angle means they can give you more floor space, perfect for making smaller rooms feel much bigger. PVCu bay casement windows can be configured in numerous window frames. What is the difference between bay windows and bow windows? Find out on the blog.

PVCu Bay Window Installation

PVCu bay windows are made to measure and can be constructed to fit in with your home in the sizes and specification chosen by you. PVCu bay windows feature a front section and two sides. The side window frames will be connected to the front using either a 90-degree bay-pole or a variable bay-pole allowing you to install the bay windows at a custom angle. If you are considering adding a bay window to your home or replacing your traditional bay windows, Quickslide will be able to supply a new modern PVCu bay window solution made at our state-of-the-art production facility in Brighouse, Yorkshire. Get in touch with us using our online contact form or give us a ring on 03332 412 240.

Cream PVCu Bay Window

Frequently Asked Questions

PVCu bay windows are generally self-supporting. Bay windows are constructed using structural bay-poles available in either a fixed 90-degree angle or as a variable option. These structural bay-pole assembly kits will provide structural support from the head of the aperture to the bottom.

Yes, PVCu bay windows can operate and open just like your standard single windows would. There may some restrictions as to what sort of configurations you can have in your bay windows. Your Quickslide sales advisor will be able to confirm at the point of enquiry.

PVCu bay windows are an impressive feature to any home. Replacement bay windows from Quickslide are not only stylish, but also very secure and energy efficient. Bay windows can add value to your home and will be an appealing feature as they add a feel of more space and natural light.

PVCu bay windows are made up of multiple frames and will therefore be more expensive than a single window. The single frame in the PVCu bay window will not necessarily cost more than any other single window in your home. The price of a PVCu bay window will depend on the window specification. Your installer will be able to confirm whether any additional installation costs apply to bay windows.

Yes, PVCu bay windows are worth it. Bay windows are formed of multiple frames with multiple panes of glass and will therefore let lots of light into your home. The internal surrounding area around the bay windows will be lit from every direction making the room appear bigger and brighter. Besides, bay windows provide curb appeal and can add a considerable amount of value to the building. The only downside to bay windows is that they may be more complex to install than a typical standard window and the many benefits will only last if the bay window has been installed correctly.

Any of our windows can have integral blinds. If your windows are south facing, the large glass area may cause a high rise in internal temperature during the summer months and integral blinds may therefore add an element of temperature control.

As each project is different and every property has different dimensions, we can’t give an exact figure. Our competitive prices are aligned to the specifications of your property and the design that you choose. We have an online design tool so that you can play around with some styles and request a quote.

A bay window has three sides, available in angled positions, whilst a bow window has 4 to 5 sides and tends to be more curved. Whilst both windows extend the space of your home, bow windows tend to be wider. These window styles will flood properties with natural daylight.

Installing a window is a job that requires a lot of concentration and experience. If you need someone to install your PVCu bay window, we can provide you with a list of local installers. We also have an extensive guide on how to install PVCu bay windows for you to take a look at.



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